Friday, August 20, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Scraps N' Strings!

Scraps N' Strings

Hello to Aly & Ash readers! This is Ruth and Sammy from Scraps N' Strings and we are so excited to be doing our blog swap with Jax! We figure we had better introduce ourselves a bit before we start.
I'm Ruth and I am a stay at home mommy of 2 (3 and 1) and a part-time photographer, you can see my work here. I enjoy making "stuff" and taking pictures of them! I especially love to sew and like to break out the Modge Podge. I love anything that is quick and simple! After I got married, I started crafting with my sister-in-law Sammy as a way to make our homes cute without spending a lot of money.
My name is Sammy and I have 2 darling little boys, 2 1/2 and 1 year. I'm a stay at home mom and I like to spend my zero amount of free time trying to be crafty and beautifying my home. One of the first things my husband said to me when we bought our home was, "You want to put crafts up, don't you?" So that's what I've done. And now we've decided to share some of our ideas with you! We've got a little bit of everything on our blog, from baby and home tutorials to recipes!

So on to the tutorial...

My niece needed a new skirt for a special day that she has coming up. My sister saw a skirt similar to this figured that I could make one for her instead of having to buy something. So here is my Pretty Petal Skirt.

First off I measured my niece around her waist twice and then cut 2 pieces of 1 1/2 in ribbon at that measurement. I then took the 2 pieces of ribbon and sewed them together right along the edge, wrong sides together.
Next I took some sheer satin and cut it to the width of my ribbon. I then folded it enough that the folded amount length went from the hip to the knee and pinned it all the way across.
I then ironed down the seam...
and sewed across the top right at the edge.
Next I took a white lining fabric and cut it to the width of the ribbon and the length just shorter than the satin. I used my rolled hemming foot on my machine to finish off the bottom, but if you don't have one, you can fold it over and use an iron to press the hem and then sew it across.
Next I laid down first my lining fabric, then the satin, and then the ribbon on top- hem up.
And sewed all the way across, again right at the edge, making sure to catch all layers.
Then I took some petals and stuffed them into the satin part of the skirt
And then turned the two edges together and sewed the skirt shut in a loop, leaving only the ribbon part unsewn.
Then I spread the flowers throughout the skirt and threaded a 1in green ribbon through the pink ribbon and cinched the skirt around her waist and tied a bow.
And then I let her play, because what fun is Pretty Petal Skirt if you don't get to play in it?!

Make sure to check out our blog for a ton more fun projects including baby gifts...
and more...
 You won't be disappointed!

Thanks again Jax for letting us visit! We had a blast!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Winners!!! (Finally!) & An Update!

Hello all my fabulous readers! I'm so sorry for the delay on announcing the winners of the Pleated Poppy and Ruby Lou giveaway but after 4 days of camping and being "unplugged" I was somewhat enjoying my departure from the internet. Now with over 50 messages in my inbox, 891 new posts in my google reader and way to many notifications and new posts on facebook to catch up on I might be regretting it just a little! 

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying your summer! I have just 5 days left on my month long vacay back home here in Canada and have loved every minute of the trip! I am however missing the hubs desperately and looking forward to my own bed! Asher has made several developments over this month too which have kept me super busy! Crawling...but only backwards, balancing on hands and feet with bum in air...downward dog anyone! It honestly scares the crap out of me especially since he insists on worming his way off the blanket to the hardwood before attempting his daily yoga. Grr. Oh and did I mention he pulls himself into sitting position wherever he is? Yup but hasn't mastered getting out of sitting position without cracking his head on the floor. Good grief, at least he has a hard head! He has also adapted a new sleep schedule which involves him waking up an entire hour earlier. Lovely. We used to be able to give him a bottle and he'd fall back asleep...nope now he just drinks the bottle calmly and when it's done wants to party. Most mornings I put on his show, lay on the couch and pretty much die, but today I had an ounce of energy and thought....I better announce those winners! So let's get to it! 

Sew Much Ado - Ruby Lou Doll Pattern WINNER!!!

Kate said...
These dolls are SO cute! I hope you're having fun in BC Jax!
The Pleated Poppy Gift Card WINNER!!!

Thanks to everyone that entered! Winners email me and I'll get you your goods!