Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse Advanced Screening - 7pm Tonight - Tickets Available

Tickets are still available! Click Image to Purchase!

My lovely friend Steph {Somewhat Simple / Crazy Domestic } told me about this awesome opportunity over lunch yesterday and I jumped on it! Friends of hers put together an advanced screening of Eclipse...um yes please!! I contacted them immediately and purchased tickets! My SIL Tenille {AVery Good Life} was able to sell our midnight tickets in about 2.3 seconds!
Whaoo! No waiting in line for us! 

So not only do you get to see the movie early BUT there are assigned seats - brilliant AND tons of raffle prizes!! WHAT!
Yeah you read that right folks!
Click HERE for a list of the raffle prizes!

Thanks for putting this together Jenny & Heather! I can't wait!

Bachelorette Backtalk - Eppisode Six

Opps! I forgot to post this last night! Sorry to those who were waiting for it! 

So...Rated R. 
Really? What an idiot. I pretty much think his girlfriend is totally awesome for throwing him under the bus; however, I wonder if that was just a stunt too since he wasn't getting much attention on the show anymore. Any media is good media right? We wont for get him and he now looks like a bad ass which is more fitting to a wrestling career than a sweet mama's boy. So I'm not really buying it.
Any of it. 

Frank is annoying and off my list. 
Scene's for Tahiti look interesting...does he finally tell her he's gay or something? How random. I feel like Ali has gotten the run around on this show thanks to producer picks for ratings etc. I kinda feel this show is loosing it's appeal and if they are smart it should be in it's last season.

Kurt is my #1, Roberto #2
The other two are mostly fillers to me right now. I barely remember their names.

Anyway what did YOU think of the show? Who is your favorite to win and what was your take on the whole Rated R thing. Also what do you think Frank is going to "talk" to her about. (No spoilers only guesses please!!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

DoChara Photography Updates

Have you been keeping up with my Photography website? I have had a wonderfully busy spring/early summer so make sure to check it out if you haven't already! Here's a fave from a newborn shoot just posted! Click image to see more!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Craft Room Adventures: Part One

Well hello! Yes it's true you may think I've fallen off the edge of the earth as far as crafting but don't worry! I'm still here!
Turns out the earth is round..who knew! ;) 
My crafty craftness has just been on hold while we do some moving and shaking over here at the Avery residence. I have currently been held up in the guest bedroom while I do my crafting which results in me hauling all my stuff into the dining room, living room, kitchen...you get the idea! Aka: driving the hubs nuts! So it was time for extreme makeover office/craft room addition. You see we have this great office downstairs that NEVER gets used and had honestly became the dumping grounds for my photography equipment and various other crap stuff. How we accumulate so much stuff I'll never know! So three days in we are no where near finished but I thought I'd give you a little tour of what we have done so far. 
You can see the hubs still has a lot of organizing to do on his side (right).  
Matching computer desks used to sit on either side of the window...never used!

I now need to clear off the left shelves and figure out some kind of organization process for my craft supplies and random photography props as well as a new home for the obnoxious board game boxes!
The clock (top left) was a AZ Blogger Tour De Thrift Goodwill find for $2.50! Probably not a permanent home...just a holding spot! The picture holder I found at Ross for $5.99 happiness.

Close up of small shelf. I wanted something decorative here since its the first thing you see when you walk by or into the room. Also knew it would stop it from becoming a place to stack mail/random papers!

Another Ross find was this dried flower arrangement for $3.99. I love the color and it smells great!
The Mason Jar was a Goodwill find a while ago for like a buck. As I continue to decorate/organize you'll discover my love/obsession with glass jars!

The Bird cage also at Ross for $5.99 will act as a perfect little love note holder! :)

Another AZ Blogger Tour De Thrift find was this glass canister for $2.00! Apples were at Ross for $5.99 they however don't smell so great! Thank you glass jar with lid!

Well that's it for now! Please comment with organization tips and fun decorating ideas! I may be crafty but decorating is not my forte! Links to your craft room happiness are encouraged too so I can steal some ideas and get inspired!! Thanks everyone! 


Friday, June 25, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Just Sew Sassy

Woohoo, it's Friday! Isn't Jax awesome! Guess what, not only are we good friends and blogging buddies, we're cousins too! I'm Staci from Just Sew Sassy. I'm a busy married lady with three crazy adorable kiddos five and under. Crafty things make me happy and keep me sane. I'm still pretty new to the whole craft blogging concept, but I'm sooo hooked. I'm so happy to be hanging out with all you super cool Aly and Ash followers today:)
So normally my projects include fabric, thread, a sewing machine, batting... You get the picture. But I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and onto the flower headband bandwagon. Wait. If there is one:)
Classy Chiffon Ruffled Headband

I do have to say that I LOVE ruffles, and this project was an excuse to play around with ruffles. I LOVED how it turned out!
What you need:

  • 1/8 yard of chiffon (this will give you enough for a couple of ruffled flowers)
  • 1/8 yard of tulle
  • thin headband
  • piece of felt to match your chiffon
  • button for the center of your flower
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • self healing mat and rotary cutter (scissors work fine too)
  • hot glue gun
Step 1
Cut both your fabrics to desired width ( it doesn't have to be straight, the less straight the better, haha). I chose to cut two different sized pieces of each fabrics.
Step 2:
Next your going to fold your fabric in half and sew a gathering stitch (the loosest straight stitch on your sewing machine) and pull one of the threads on the end to gather your strip into a ruffle. Do this for each of your four strips.
Step 3:
Cut your felt to about the same size as your want your flower to be. You will glue your ruffles to this circle.
Step 4:
Your first layer will be the large tulle. Start in the middle and glue the inside edge of the tulle in a spiral design onto the felt .
Repeat with each of your four ruffled strips.
Hand stitch your button to the center of your ruffled flower. This will hold everything together and adds a great accent to your flower.
Step 5:
At this point you can add an alligator clip to the back and call it good. Or you can attach it to a headband. I went the headband route... You'll need to cut another circle of felt slightly smaller than the first one. Place your flower on top and slightly to the side of the headband. Hold in place while you glue the other felt circle to the back holding it in place.
Trim up your threads and ruffles til you like it. Voila!! Enjoy your ruffled flower headband!!!
Thanks again Jax for having me!!! Hope you all had fun! If you make one and would like to share, come share it with our Sassy Flickr Group.
Also come stop by Just Sew Sassy for some more fun tutorials and recipes...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wedneday

How much is that puppy in the window... :)

Linking Up w/ {5 Minutes for Mom}

What I Wore Wednesday w/ The Pleated Poppy 3

So unfortunately I didn't get pictures each day this week but I DID get dressed! So I'll write in what I wore even though I don't have a pic! :)

Wednesday: (Not Pictured) Sewing w/ Denise: Turquoise Shirt: Old Navy, White Undershirt: Downeast Basics, Jeans: True Religion, Sandals: Tilly's, Red Necklace & Earrings: JCPenney

Thursday: Event Stuff with Ashley - Dress: Walmart, Leggings: Target, Belt: ?, Necklace: Nordstrom, Sandals: Target

Friday: Play Date w. the Girls Jumpy Place: Shorts: Target, Tank: Target, Cardigan: Tilly's, Flip Flops: Tilly's, Flower Pin: Me

Saturday: Tour De Thrift Event: Dress, Belt & Sandals: Target, Undershirt: Downeast Basics, Necklace: Nordstrom, Earrings:

Sunday: (Not Pictured) Lazy Father's Day around the house: Lululemon Shorts & T-shirt

Monday: (Not Pictured) Swimming w/ Tenille & kids: Swimsuit: Downeast Basics

Tuesday: Hanging out with Alyeska & Family: Graphic Tee: Gap, Skirt: Old Navy, Flip Flops: (I did wear shoes!) Tilly's
*This is like the perfect {mom} outfit, it's like sweatpants but cuter!! 
And the cashier at Target asked if I turned 21 when paying with my Happy Bday gift card! I now love him!

Linking Up w/ {The Pleated Poppy}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift - Event Pics!

Wow! What a fun day we had! I think I can safety say our event was a smashing success! Thanks again to all our amazing sponsors and my partner in crime Ashley from Cute as a Fox Creations for convincing me we needed to do this! I simply love all the ladies that came and had such a great time eating, shopping and getting to know you better! *To all the participants feel free to click and steal the pics for your own blog!

Meeting the women behind the blogs we love!
Steph {Somewhat Simple}, Kristyn {Lil' Luna}, Me & Ashley {Cute as a Fox}

Swag bags on every chair adorned with various fabric flower pins (view the tutorial for this one here)
Our custom event menu...yum!

Ashley made these adorable chalkboard name tags!

Door Prizes Galore! (We have the best sponsors!)

 Tenille {AVery Good Life} made a sweet play list so we'd have good tunes while we ate... but you couldn't hear it over all the chatting! I think that was a good sign!

 Now that's a plate of fruit!

Kelly {Everyday Childhood} getting sassy with her door prize packaging!

 Good friends supporting us from our very own South Mountain Ward in Phoenix
We had almost as many "blog followers" as "bloggers" and guess what...
You're the reason we keep writing so keep on reading, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

More Blogging Buddies: Kendra {My Insanity}, Me, Ann Marie {Twice Lovely}, Ashley {Cute as a Fox}

Love this girl! Denise {Wildflower Grown Wild}

Now onto some thrifty shopping! Goodwill of Arizona not only provided reusable shopping bags but also armed each one of our girls with $5.00 gift cards!!

Sharla {My Little Gems}                                       Whitney {Sims Family}

It was a big table day!

Being a teacher, Edna {La Familia Cole} was so excited about her find!

Maka {Maka'z Home} & Kelli {Lolly Jane Boutique} finds were coveted by many and even jokingly stolen!

And I almost had to steal that flower when Kristyn {Lil Luna} wasn't looking!

Saw this at the end of our day and thought it quite fitting! 
Can't wait for next year! Thanks again for a great day everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bachelorette Backtalk - Eppisode Five

Zzzz zzzzzzzzz zz Oh sorry, I think I fell asleep. 
Ok seriously, did anyone else find that episode soooo boring. 

I'm glad Kasey is finally gone because he was horrid.
I still think Kurt and Roberto are front runners.
Rated R is back in my bad books.
Aly looks pretty this episode but I'm liking Frank less and less. 

That's about all I have ladies...

Until the little deleted scene thing with Craig on the tiny horse! That was hilarious!