Monday, June 14, 2010

Bachelorette Backtalk - Eppisode Four

WOW! I don't know how Ali keeps a strait face for some of this garbage! Tonight was hilarious! Multiple serenades, cheesy lines, spandex...WOW! Kirk is hot though, definitely my fave up there with Roberto! Kasey has GOT TO GO! There is no way she is that stupid to keep him around. The producers had to have rigged that one. It's just crazy. Especially where it shows him getting another one on one date with her next week? That doesn't make sense. Anyway here are a few of my favorite lines from Kasey tonight:
"Her and I...We're pretty much meant to be together!"
"Yeah, Pretty Intense Stuff" - after singing to her! WOW!
"Jump in...stay a while" - in reference to his heart...PUKE!
And I swear if I hear him say "Guard and Protect her Heart" one more time I'll loose it.
"You guys are all diamonds in my heart" AAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahaha! 

Oh Kasey, thank you for providing my night with strait up laughter AT you! I seriously can not believe this dude and really really hope he doesn't last another week! Now comment away with your thoughts, teasing, fave quotes etc. I get such a kick out of reading your comments each week. It's so fun!
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Staci J said...

Rod and I laughed the hardest at the end when they were showing scenes for upcoming episodes and Aly said, "All Kasey has do to do is 'be normal." That's never gonna happen!!! Is he for real!!

Skaggs Family said...

IM SO with you on the Kasey stuff.. and what the heck was up with his tattoo? It looked like it had shimmer powder on it when he was showing it to the guys! HA.. wow, I was so ready to shoot my foot if I had to hear "guard AND protect her heart" again. I like Roberto and Frank. And I was sad Jesse went home just because I personally liked him even though he really wasn't right for her.

oliveoyl64 said...

Seriously, who the heck is Chris N.? I have not heard him speak one word, but he is still there.

Love Jesse after being booted he commented about Ali being a "city" girl, but he needed acreage and couldn't wait to get home to his dogs. Does he really want a woman?

Kasey now looks like a GAY nimrod,having tattooed crap on his wrist that depicts his 11 remaining "brothers", PEEEEUUUUKKKKEEEE. DOUCHE BAG!!!!!

Nichelle said...

I was watching it myself and was trying to so hard to believe what Kasey was saying to be true. Oh my heck. He definitely makes me think. Whether he's genuine or not he needs to SIMMER down A LOT!!

I'm sad Jesse is gone but after he said, "cant wait to get home to my dogs" my opinion CHANGED immediately. Glad he's gone now. His voice, though, on the other hand was NICE!

I like Kirk and Roberto. Roberto because Ali likes him so much, and Kirk because he is extrememly thoughtful.

Susie and Cody said...

Does anyone else think that Kasey's voice is SUPER annoying?!!? And I agree he HAS to be a producer pick, just look at the way Allie looks at's a look that says "I tolerate you" not "I like you"

Anonymous said...

I totally lost it when she chose Kacey over sweet little backwoods Jesse. Is she kidding me?! I agree, totally rigged by producers. Kacey was making me cry I was laughing so hard, bahaha, he has got to be off his rocker, seriously.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Ha-ha-ha you guys totally crack me up! I agree with it all! Oliveoyl64 - Hilarious!

Amy said...

shoot! I forgot to come here on Monday nite! I just was so overwhelmed by the singing, and weirdness of Kasey! That was HI-Lari-ous! I wonder if those guys watch this and are MORTIFIED at how they behaved.

Glad the weatherman is gone. WHINER! but I'm from Houston so I have to find him on the news. Honestly, I've never seen him before and I've lived here for 20 years! He must be on a 3 in the morning!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

That's hilarious you've never seen him on the news! I love it. Honestly though after that performance would any station hire him. I know if I was the hiring staff I'd stay far far away from that drama!

jayayceeblog said...

This Bachelorette is as entertaining as ever. She so should have let Kasey go and kept Jesse, though. I kind of enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff showing her choosing outfits. My fav is still Rico Suave ... love that Roberto!

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