Saturday, April 17, 2010

See It Again Saturday

Incase you missed my post on One Crafty Mommy last week here it is again!
"Cheeky" Caution Sign

One thing you may not know is that I AM CANADIAN (sorry I felt the need for caps!) I was born on Vancouver Island but from 4th through 11th grade lived in the way frozen north in a little town called Fort St. John. The inspiration for this project wasn't something I'd see everyday but they were definitely around! This idea came to me completely out of the blue one morning and I could not wait to try it!

The Memory/Random Thought:

My Inspiration: My Cheeky Little Boy!

The Super Cute Result:

Hee hee hee! I just can't wait to show this to his future girlfriends! Bwahahahah! You could also add a hook and make this a {Too Cute Towel Hanger}! Making this was pretty simple, $1.00 square wood frame from Michaels, Yellow Paint and Vinyl thanks to {Marni at Choose The Writing}! I printed the picture at home so the whole project cost $4.00 (and a few cents worth of paint!)
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Jen said...

That is adorable! He will love that when he gets older.

Tenille said...

we should make these to hang, oh, all over my house. and yard. :) very cute. and super cheap!

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