Monday, February 28, 2011

The Final Count Down!

Oh my heck people! In two weeks I will have two children! Induction has been schedule for Monday, March 14th! CRAZY!!! Then I will officially have a newborn and a 17 month old! I'm headed strait to the loony bin I just know it! ;-)

Anyone else have kids that close in age? If so I'm open to all tips, advice, suggestions and words of encouragement!! I feel extremely lucky for how chill Asher is and his love for TV...I'm thinking that is really going to work in my favor the next few months when I'm ragged and sleep deprived! 

I feel so behind with this baby, I have NOTHING ready! I think knowing it was a boy has made me slack on all the getting ready duties because I have pretty much everything. But I still need to set up his room, wash all Asher's old clothes and get them put away. But I did order the crib and dresser/changer today! About time eh! I got this convertible crib and dresser/changer. Picture colors are a bit off but they are both Black.
And in case you forgot the awesmness that is my custom Nursery fabric etc. Here is the story board again:
My incredible cousin Staci from Just Sew Sassy is hard at work getting everything done for the room and has already sent me the minky blanket which I am madly in love with! Wahoo! I can't wait to get everything set up! 

I found this fantastic vinyl wall decal I'm just waiting on a custom listing for and that will be purchased too!
Awesome right!!! 

I also came across this adorable Stuffed Animal tutorial on Make It and Love it today:
and I'm excited to use the fabric scraps from the room to make a few!

So anyway...LOTS to do in the next two weeks! Wish me luck! I hope to have pictures of the completed room soon! But probably not before pictures of the new baby boy! Eek! I can't believe he'll be here in two weeks...TWO WEEKS! Ok...gotta get to work!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Febuary Sewing Project: Pillowcase Dresses Part II

Love love love it! My 2nd completed dress! I was terrified but determined to do the pleated trim at the bottom and guess was way easy! Yay! 

I used scrap fabric from my collection for this dress so didn't have enough of the polka dot to do the tie as originally planned but a little black grosgrain ribbon did the trick nicely! 
I just love the colors and how this one came out! I can't wait to finish the other two I have on the go! One has to be done by Saturday as it's a gift for my niece and well I already have the supplies for my March project so I need to get the 4th one done too! 

Believe it or not this month I even snuck in an additional  Valentine's day project that I'll show you all very soon! I'm kinda loving this sewing thing....who knew!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Lovely Love My Family"

My good friend Ashley from Cute as a Fox sent me this link this morning and I have to share it with all of you. As you know we are huge Yo Gabba Gabba fans around here!

and if you haven't seen Ruth Schultz's (Creator Scott Schultz wife) blog yet, go! It will truly inspire you. 
Their daughter Davy was born with a cleft lip and palate, congenital heart defects and several other conditions. Ruth's blog "The Mom" is touching and inspiring and I encourage all of you to read. 

If you know the show you know the famous song sung by The Roots, Lovely Love My Family, (Which out of sheer coincidence is playing in the background on Asher's TV as I type!*tear) This song has now become even more special as Merrilee of Mer Mag and Tuesday Mourning has created this beautiful print.

Ruth Schultz contacted her to purchase the print which inspired Merrilee to sell and return all the proceeds to Ruth to help with little Davy's past, present and ongoing hospital bills. You can read the full story here on Merrilee's blog Mer Mag and here on Ruth's blog The Mom.

Merrilee is currently running a promotion too, if you purchase a Lovely Love My Family print you get a print of your choice for free! I don't know about you but I'm headed over for a print or two...or three! Although I've never met them I love this dear family and feel blessed to help in any little way I can. I hope you do to!

Purchase the Lovely Love My Family print here: Tuesday Mouring on Etsy

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Valentine's Day Ever!!!

I love Valentine's day! I admit I am a bit of a holiday junkie but Valentine's day is a favorite for sure! And this Valentine's day was the best one yet! 

I started the day making 35 marshmallow lollipops! I had planned on dipping them in white chocolate and sprinkles...but after a epic fail on the melting front, plain had to do! Tip: Roll the skewers lightly in butter and the marshmallows slide right on! 

 Half of the lollipops were taken to Asher's very first Valentine's day potluck/party! It was fun but we didn't stay long. Chasing a 16 month old around in the already hot Arizona sun at 9 months pregnant - exhausting!

After some down time relaxing on the couch with an extra large ice cold Diet Coke I regained my energy (Thank you lovely caffeine!) and added a little Asher flair to the 2nd half of the lollipops! Yo Gabba Gabba Valentines? Yes, yes they are!!!

We then drove around delivering them to Asher's little friends! I had so much fun I literally was driving around from house to house with a cheesy smile on my face! I was like, bring on the poopy diapers, this mom stuff is so much fun!

Once home from that adventure I sat down to edit the pictures I'd taken a few days ago of Asher for Valentine's day! The shoot had not gone well so I was thrilled to have a few good ones! You can see my favorites from the shoot HERE.Then I made this little Valentine which I posted to Facebook & emailed to family!

That's when things when from great to best day ever! Present time! The hubs and I don't really do gifts for each other at Christmas since we're so busy buying, wrapping and giving to family & friends...not to mention the hit it has on our bank account! But we love it and so it's worth it! So Valentine's has always been a fun gift holiday for us. And this one...I will say it again, best Valentine's ever because look what I was spoiled with!

Spoiled...YES! And SOOOOO excited!

We finished up the day with pizza and a movie! (No not a heart shaped pizza...not worth the extra $5.00!) But delicious it was and it was a nice relaxing night! I hope you all had a fabulous day as well and I'd love to hear about it in the comments! As well as any tips, for using my new Silhouette!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Febuary Sewing Project: Pillowcase Dresses

One of my goals for 2011 is to learn to sew, like for real! So after January had come and gone with not at thing sewn I knew I had to get going. I enlisted a couple good friends to help me on my journey and they were more that willing to help! (I have the best friends!)

So I decided to break my big goal down into smaller monthly goals. 
"One project a month...with repetition."

My February project is The Pillowcase Dress. I think they are darling and from every tutorial I read I was told they would be a great "beginner" project! Perfect! With encouragement from my friends I dusted off the sewing machine, bought some fabric and began. (Ok so there was a lot more to it then that, learning to thread the machine, how to change the feet and bobbin, how to wind new thread on the bobbin, the different stitches to use etc. But regardless I began!)

Today I finished my first dress! EEEEEE!!! I'm so excited and happy with how it came out! Now don't get me wrong looked at closely you will notice various mistakes and imperfections. But for my first completed project, I think it turned out pretty dang good!

(I hope to have better pictures soon, it was already dark when I finished but was 
too excited to wait to take pictures in the morning!)

Notice this fancy little bow...yeah it's covering a mess up! Ha-ha!

The ribbon trim was an after thought and I needed to cover the seam. If I did the same thing again I'd sew the ribbon on each side separately before piecing the dress together! But you can't tell can you!!! ;)

The other struggle I had was with the bias tape under the arms. That final finishing stitch caught me in a little snag the first arm but was smooth sailing the second! I could have pulled it out and started over...but let's be real here it's in the armpit!

So all in all I'm pretty proud of my little dress! And remember what I said about how I'm structuring my goal...

"One project a month...with repetition."

Well what I did was each time I learned a new step on this dress, I would complete it on my own on TWO other dresses! Yup you got it! I have two more that will be finished pretty quick! The will be slightly different than this one in their "finishing touches" and I can't wait to show them off! Then I bought fabric last night to make ANOTHER one for my niece Aly for her birthday! The repetition has really been key in actually learning what I'm doing and I'm definitely starting to catch the sewing bug!

So this dress and the other two almost finished will hang in my studio closet for a fun little outfit choice for 12-18month girls that come visit my studio! I will admit, I tried it on Ash today (16 months) and it looked pretty fricken cute...y'know ignoring the fact that he's a boy and all! (Ha-ha, don't tell his father!) My good friend Breanne was here helping me finish it up while her daughter Aubrey and Asher played and during lunch we brought up that Asher would be joining her in Nursery soon at Church..Aubrey replied, "Yeah!! He can wear his new dress!" I thought I might go into labor I laughed so hard!

The main tutorial we used for this dress was from Prudent Baby
You can find the tutorial HERE

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby P Designs Winners!!!

Each winner will get's their choice of a "Its a Girl" or "It's a Boy" stocking hat!

Winner #1: 

Gina said... 
I SO want the "its a boy" hat! Especially since I have a boy on the way!
 Winner #2
Kara said...
I favorited the Etsy shop! :)