Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mod Podge Tin

So my 2nd new addiction is Mod Podge! How can you not LOVE this stuff! It is just way too easy!

I was debating what to put Aly's birthday bow collection in and played around with a few different ideas when I remembered...I have that super cute star tin! I received a Christmas gift in this tin a few years back and knew I could find something cool to do with it! That's when the Mod Podge comes in! I went to the scrapbook paper stack and started ripping! I wanted a very random design with bright colors! Personally I think it turned out great! Aly even hugged the tin so I'd call that a success!

Here's a mini tutorial:
Step One: Find a cool tin, grab some scrapbook paper.

Step Two: Rip up your scrapbook paper and grab your Mod Podge.
(Since the pieces were so random I spread the Mod Podge on the back of the paper scraps and then placed on the tin, finishing with a 2nd coat on top to seal it once on the tin.)

Step Three: Allow to dry completely and then fill with items of your choice!
(I also added chipboard embellishments and then sealed with one more layer of Mod Podge)

Happy Crafting!
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3 want.love.need.comments:

Staci J said...

SUUUper cute Jax!

Amy Jo Madsen said...

Oooh...I've done similar things on wood/cardboard, but I didn't know it would work on a tin. Awesome! I'll have to try this--thanks for the idea!

kae pea said...

yes I agree with Staci J...SUUUper cute!

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