Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tutorial: Drab to Fab Vintage Silk Flowers

It may be a miracle folks, but I thought I'd squeeze in one last tutorial for the year! Maybe you'll even have time to throw one of these together to coordinate with your New Year's outfit! Unless your outfit resembles mine this new years...the hub's p.j. pants and a cozy sweater! I hope your new years plans are much more exciting!

So as you know my marketing director and I have been working hard to get the new website up for my photography business (Which is now live so check it out!!) Well January also means the opening of my very own studio! I have some incredible sponsors decking it out with handmade props and I wanted to add to the action! Since I don't have girls to dress up I love making headbands for when I get the chance to photograph sweet little princesses! So today was a headband making day!

I wanted something using silk flowers but didn't just want to stick a drab silk flower on a headband I wanted something with a little more oomph!  Then I found these gorgeous brown/tan flowers and I knew I wanted to go vintage...with a little bling! This is what I came up with:

Drab to Fab Vintage Silk Flowers

Step One:
Pick up an assortment of silk flowers & detach from stem. They should just pop right off. 
(I found mine at Joann's)

Step Two:
Pull  green backing & center cluster off so you can separate the petals.

Step Three:
Separate the back petal from the group and hot glue a small felt circle to the back. Careful not to apply glue over the hole in the center. Thread your needle and loop thread at double thickness with a knot at the end. Feed through the felt/hole in petal. (The felt acts as an anchor.)

Step Four:
Thread up through the center hole in your cluster of loose petals reattaching bottom petal to group.

Step Five:
Thread through a button for bling then back down through hole. Repeat this step a few times for strength. Tie off at back when done.

Step Six:
Attach to clip, elastic or headband of your choice and voila! A gorgeous vintage silk flower! I played around with cutting lace petals and adding in randomly. I haven't glued them in yet as I'm still on the fence about it!

Here is another one I made using petals from two different silk flowers some brown feathers and of course a little button bling! (Buttons also from Joann's)


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Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Gorgeous! I like the one with the feathers the best.
OHHH and I checked out your photography site too! You take some stunning photos! :) You are SO Talented!
(Agape Love Designs)

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Thanks Maria!!! You're so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love them both, but the one with the bigger button is my absolute fave! Now I have to find a Joann's this weekend...thanks a lot! :-)

Amanda said...

Oh My! These flowers are to die for! And your photos are so amazing...just the kind of quality I am striving for with my blog but haven't achieved as of yet! I am bookmarking this tutorial and becoming a follower! Best Wishes to you and Happy New Year too! Amanda

Lori@Paisley Passions said...

WOW! ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing your great link on Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions :)

DannyB said...

Great idea! Your revamping the flower makes it so much more elegant!

Serendipity Chic Design said...

And I used to think those silk flowers were hopeless. You just gave me new insight on them. Love the bling you added too....

Happy New Year....

Lisa said...

Whoa.. those are so pretty! What a fun idea, I can't wait to make some for my hair, I'll be linking as well.

fialka012 said...


Anonymous said...

Just perfectly beautiful. I was looking over my post about the necklace I made based on yours. I wanted to make sure that the link was still working showing your instructions. It did -- she still LOVES the necklace, although I confess, I didn't realize that I was not following you. I've rectified that, and am so happy I did. Just LOOK at all the wonderful projects that I've missed. Have a blessed new year and PLEASE keep creating and providing me with much needed inspiration.

Mary said...

Hi, I found your blog at My Romatic Home. I love your vintage bling flowers, too cute! I would like to invite you to post this over at my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at my blog, Boogieboard Cottage. The link is already up. I hope you can join the party!

Happy New Year,

AllieMakes! said...

SO sweet! I love them! Thank you for the tutorial!

Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Mary said...

Hi, Thank you for linking to Masterpiece Monday! I hope you can join in every week.
Take care, Mary

The Treasurista said...

So beautiful...Would love for you to add it to my party The Treasurista's Thursday Treasures.

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