Saturday, March 27, 2010

See It Again Saturday

Incase you missed my Field Trip Friday with {Cute as a Fox Creations} here is the tutorial!
Recycled Jewelry Headband

What you'll need:
Permanent Scrapbook Tape
Glue Gun & Glue
Wire Cutters
Needle & Thread
Small Rectangle Piece of Netting or Tulle
Earing w/ Rubber Backing
Jewelry Embellishment of Your Choice
Felt Flower

Step One:
Place a small piece of permanent tape at the edge of your ribbon.
Make a loop and secure with the tape. 
(It's a good idea to burn the edges of your ribbon with a lighter or match to prevent fraying)

Step Two:
Place another small piece of tape and squish into a skinny little bow.
You will need two of these so repeat steps 1 & 2

Step Three:
Stagger your two pieces of netting and fold in the shape of a fan.
Stick your threaded needle through the fan and wrap around to secure shape.

Step Four:
Hot glue the netting fan to your headband and then hot glue your 1st skinny bow on top. This will hide the glue that will seep through the netting. Hold secure until dry.
When dry set aside and grab your earring and wire cutters. Place the rubber backing on and clip the post just past the backing.

Step Five:
Place your earing through your flower and netting securing with the rubber backing. To ensure the backing will stay put, dab on a little hot glue.

Step Six:
Use hot glue to add your recycled jewelry.
(I clipped this heart lock and key off an old Target necklace!)
Lastly hot glue your second skinny bow to the back of the headband.

You now have a fabulous Recycled Jewelry Headband!

The options are limmitless so dig through your old jewelry and get crafting! Make sure to email me pictures or a link to a blog post so I can see your creations!

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Emily said...

How cute! I'll NEED to make some of those for my kiddos :)

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