Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Girly Girl Bows

Tutorial Tuesday
Girly Girl Bows

Just when you thought there couldn't be another bow tutorial in blogland here it is! Much to my suprise I have had several requests for a bow tutorial so why not! I can't take any credit though as my friend Chantae {See her newborn Ezra's photoshoot here!} taught me everything I know!
Oh and please excuse my nasty hands...mama needs a manicure stat!

What you'll need:
Needle & Thread
Medal Clips
Glue Gun & Glue
Lighter to burn edges to prevent fraying.
Two Hands...
(Thank you to the hubs for taking pictures!)

Step One:
Thread your needle and tie a knot in at the end so you are threading with double thickness. Set aside.

Step Two:
Time to jump right in! Grab your ribbon and make your first loop.

Step Three:
Continue to make loops keeping bow scrunched between your thumb and finger. If you ribbon is patterened on one side you'll need to twist as you look to keep the pattern showing.
You can twist the 2nd tail up the opposite direction or down the same direction.

Step Four:
Is your hand cramping yet? I promise the more you make the easier it gets!
Now take your threaded needle and poke through the top middle of the bow. Thread back through your thread to create an anchor with the knot you tied.

Step Five:
Wrap the thread around your bow again and again and again!
Secure thread by weaving through the back a few times creating a few knots.

Step Six:
You can let go now! Your bow is complete! Wahoo! Set aside and let's move onto the clip.
Use the same or coordinating ribbon and hot glue to cover your metal clip.
Make sure you do not allow the clip to close while the glue in on there or you'll have to start over!

Step Seven:
Now that your clip is covered simply glue your bow to the clip.
Take one last piece of ribbon and start by placing a tiny dab of glue to the middle of your bow. Stick ribbon on glue and rap around glueing to the underneath/inside of your clip on the bow side.

Optional Steps:
Cut triangles out at the ends as seen in 1st pic. (The hubs insisted on taking a picture of me burning the ends to prevent fraying...boys!) You can also glue one bow on top another before wraping with your final piece of ribbon to make a double bow or add buttons to embellish!

Tada! Now you have a cute little bow for your girly girl!

And just for fun I'm giving one two THREE pairs away!!

How to Enter:
Be or become a follower of Aly&Ash
Leave a comment with what three pairs you want from the pictures below!
 (you can also choose the ones shown in the tutorial!)
Winner will be drawn April 12th and announced April 13th!
Good Luck!
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29 want.love.need.comments:

Denise said...

Thanks for posting this. I tried to make a bow, but couldn't remember what you told me and failed miserably. Now I can try again!

TLF said...

Too cute!
I've never seen anyone else wrap their bows with thread.. And here I was thinking I was brilliant and all.. LMAO! ;)

Visiting from Tip Junkie.

The Pullins said...

You are so awesome! Thanks for posting this. We've decided to make some for girls camp this year with all of the YW value colors...should be interesting. I love the bow in the tutorial and the white one with blue and brown flowers.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

For older girls you can also glue them to a headband instead of a clip!

Kaysi said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Those are great!

Dave and Meg said...

YAY! These are great! I've had this open on my computer all morning so I can follow the steps! Thanks for posting these!

Unknown said...

Love them! I would pick the argyle one from the tutorial, the Black and white polka dot/stripes, and the turquoise and brown with the fluer de lis on it. That last one is my FAVORITE!

Unknown said...

these are adorable! i'm a new follower from today's creative blog. i would pick the black & white, brown and blue floral, and festive light blue floral.

Nissa said...

Those are adorable! I would pick the blue flower clip, the white flower clip, & the black & white one.

Staci J said...

Hi Jax! See bows are chinese for me... I'm so glad I have a talented cousin that gives them away:) I hope I win:) I love them all, prob the brown and turqouise fleur de lis, the pink and black argyle, and the lavender w/ the button. Thanks!

erin said...

I am a follower! Love the bows. I love the ladybug, the pink one and the blue and brown flowers. ADORABLE. I have a question. Is that the only place you keep your ribbon? I have a bunch of ribbon and am having a hard time keeping it all rolled up and in a box. AHH. It is making me nuts. Also, do you ever put something in the clip to keep it in fine hair? I made a bow like this and it slips out of my daughters hair. I glued some shelf liner inside - but it still slips out. The bows like this that I have bought at boutiques do not slip out - only the ones I make!! :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking this post to the Boardwalk Bragfest. It's a great project and your tutorial is marvelous!

Angie Holden said...

Why is it I find all these AMAZING tutorials AFTER my girls are so big they don't want to wear these anymore!??!?! Love your bows!!

Nichelle said...

Hi Jacqui! I like the solid pink one, the white one with the blue and brown flowers, and the blue one with the fur elise (is that what they're called?)

Nichelle said...

ok...NOOOO! lol...they're called fleur d'elise! oops!

Room to Inspire said...

These bows are super cute. Loved the great tutorial. Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today!


Expressions by Heather said...

Great tutorial! I've never been able to tie bows well, so this is a great work around!

Thank you so much for posting to Talented Tuesday :)

If I had to choose (and they are ALL cute), I would go with the first one from the tutorial (black & pink argyle- SO cute!), the white with blue flowers, and the black & white stripe/polka dot combo.

They are adorable!

the ewings said...

thanks for the tutorial... i definitely think i can give bow making a try :)

Bows I would choose: purple with the button in the middle, the white with turquoise and brown flowers, and the purple/plaid one

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

I am a follower already. I love the blue one with flowers (3rd from the left on the top), the black and white polka dot/stripe one and the black and pink argyle from the tutorial. They are all so cute!!

Thanks for sharing at Fun to Craft's Spring has Sprung Party.

HB, The Impulsive Minimalist said...

These are SUPER cute! I'm going to have to make some of these for my nieces! Thanks!

Thanks for linking at Lucky Star Lane!

Helena said...

Aw, so cute! And that tutorial is gonna be super helpful when I make some myself :)

Thank you for linking this to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Oh, my!! These are so cute. ♥

I'm visiting today from your link at Somewhat Simple for Strut Your Stuff Thursday.

I hope you will drop by my place to see my fabric flower designs. ♥

Have a wonderful Spring day...

Stephanie ♥

Amy Jo Madsen said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was going to try some on my own, but I don't think I would've thought to use a needle and thread. These look a lot sturdier than what I would've come up with. I'm so excited to try them! I would love to have the black w/stripes and polka-dots, the plain pink (bottom right), and the two-toned blue.
I love your new site, by the way--you're my hero! :)

CraftyMummy said...

Great tutorial! Easy to follow instructions and clear pictures. Off to try it now!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

So pretty! Great tutorial too!

Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day!

Gay Vaughan said...

Adorable and super tutorial! Thank you for bringing your hodgepodge to my party! Hope to see you again.

Lori said...

Some girly girls bows.... I love them all.

Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Winner has been announced on todays, Tutorial Tuesday post!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to give this a try! I don't own a glue gun or needles and thread but there is a first time for everything;)

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