Sunday, April 11, 2010

Six Super Sweet Shirts Sister Sent...Say That 3 Times Fast!

I just had to write a post to show off the adorable onsies my little sis sent for Asher! Isn't she creative! She had made him a few at Christmas and when I let her know they were starting to get a little snug she whipped up some new and extremely cute ones in no time! Thanks Auntie Laurie!!!

Asher LOVES giraffes and I have actually had the image on the left saved to my computer for a while just waiting for a project I could do with it! Laurie beat me too it, and I was so excited to see it!

Well we are an emotional family and I really had to fight back the tears on the 2000 miles shirt, and the IPOOD...hilarious!

What can I say...he's a boy! These are perfect!
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Ariana said...

i like the iPoo'd one. hilarious!

Unknown said...

those are dang cute. i can't wait to make my own onesies when we get pregnant. come visit and enter my very first giveaway for a pottery barn giftcard and some of my designs at

Staci J said...

Those are Adorable!!!

Dave and Meg said...

you should get laurie to do a tutorial!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

She uses Staples Brand Iron On's. I asked her the secret to her sucsess because Iron on's are not always as easy as it seems and she said, "follow/read the directions completely and use 100% cotton."

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