Saturday, April 10, 2010

See It Again Saturday

Incase you missed last weeks field trip at {Keeping Up With The Johnsons} here is the tutorial!
Splendidly Regal Bow

What you'll need:
Wool Felt
Shank Cutter or Old Scissors
Hot Glue Gun

Step One:
Cut out a strip of wool felt aprox. 6.5 inches thick by 1 inch wide and then mark the middle. 
I used a roatary cutter but you can also just use fabric scissors.

Step Two:
Fold the felt as shown and secure with a little hot glue.
You will want to leave a little flap hanging off the end. Repeat with the 2nd side.

Step Three:
Flip your "bow in progress" over and this is what it should look like.
Now use your fingers to pinch the bow and create dimples bringing the edges to the center.

Step Four:
Let go of your bow! Trust me this is ok! The felt will have creases where you folded it so it will return to it's perfectly dimpled form in just a minute! Now cut a strip of felt to wrap around the center of the bow.
Flip the bow back over and place a bead of glue on the back.

Step Five:
You don't have to but... I like to cut it a little too long so I have a bit to hold on to. Now glue your strip on the back of the bow and wrap it all the way around. Pulling taught and pinching your bow the dimples will come back and you can manipulate the felt a bit to make it perfect!

Step Six:
Your bow is done so now let's add embellishment! I found these little regal buttons at Joann's and since they were sold out of shank cutters (grr) I used an old pair of scissors to cut off the shank on the back. Now simply hot glue to the front of your bow!

Tada! Isn't it just splendid!
You can now glue it to a hair clip for a girly girl or a headband for a chic mommy!
You should also check out Trey&Lucy, I started trying wool felt instead of ribbon when I saw {this tutorial}
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Amanda Galbreath said...

so cute, gonna try it!!!

Robert Welain said...

That's a great tutorial. More different tutorials could be found here, by the way.

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