Saturday, April 24, 2010


You'll have to scroll down to see the winner of my
Home Stretch to 100 Super Box Giveaway

but first here's a final look at the contents of
The Box!
Bandana Bib from {Wildflower Grown Wild}

Pair of Fluer de Lis Bows from {Aly&Ash}

Bottle of Walnut Ink Antiquing Solution

Chic Button Earrings from {Aly&Ash}

Mod Podge, Foam Brushes & Michaels Unfinished Wood Frame

And lastly a chic 3 Rossette headband from {Aly&Ash}

Thanks so much to everyone that entered, if I had an endless amount of time to craft I'd send something to all of you! But alas that is definetly not the case so there can only be one winner...

Congratulations to:

She was my 94th follower and got her entry in just in time! Congrats again Rebekah and thanks for your interest in my little corner of blog world! Aly&Ash readers make sure you check out her and her SIL's blog {All Thingz Related}. It's awesome!

And don't worry I seem to LOVE giveaways so I'm sure there will be another one right around the corner! :)
Thanks again for being the best peeps ever!

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Unknown said...

I'm so excited to have won!! I emailed you my address! :)

Denise said...

Congrats, Rebekah!

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