Friday, March 26, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Sassy Sites!

Hello cute readers on Aly & Ash! My name is Marni and I'm a stay at home mom/daycare provider/crafter/blog reader/vinyl maker! First thing you need to do is see what Jax is up to on my blog over at Sassy Sites! I have dedicated this blog to all sassy blogs and crafters! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the craft she's doing with us today, Monogram Bow Holder!

I am excited that today is Field Trip Friday! Jax is one of my most favorite blogger-girls! Today I am excited to let you know one of America's best kept secrets... vinyl lettering! I have created a little blog called Choose The Writing.
 This is seriously one of the funnest, cutest, easiest things to decorate with, craft with, and scrapbook with. I thought instead of showing you just one thing you can do with it,
I would show you a few!
So, without further adieu....
add a little sass to your kitchen by using wood from Home Depot, color choice of spray paint, sand paper, and of course... ME (vinyl lettering)! Here's how I did it: I smiled real nice and pretty, and the boy at the Home Depot cut my wood for FREE! I brought it home, sanded it, painted it, and sanded it again to give it the bestest look-distressed!

Next, add a little spunk to your laundry room! All you need is ME!
I cheated and used a cute sign from Hobby Lobby that says 'LAUNDRY'. But of course, you could make your own using the same instructions from above or you don't even need to add that!
I think this next one just might be my favorite! You can take ANY frame, and apply the vinyl lettering straight on the mat! Easy... :)

Go on over to Choose The Writing and check out all my colors, thousands of fonts, and lots of adorable sayings!
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Jax Avery said...

Thanks for attending Field Trip Friday and being the best Vinyl chick ever! I have so many more projects brewing in my mind involving vinyl! Can't wait to chat with you about them!

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