Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Easy Headband Tutorial

Seriously super easy!
I whipped this puppy up in about 5 minutes before church this morning!

Here's what you need and how I made it:

1 Headband of your choice
(Mine was from a 3 pack at Target)

1 Scrapbooking Flower of your choice
(Mine was from a 3 pack at Michaels)

Glue Gun

Needle and Thread


(notice my bow making addiciton in the background)

Step One:
Take advantage of the scrapbook sticky to place flower on headband.

Try it on real quick in front of a mirror to make sure the flower is were you want it.

Step Two:
Hand sew your flower to the headband with a couple quick sweeps through the backing and then create a figure 8 pattern by wrapping the thread around the headband. Secure with a few knots.

Step Three:
Finishing Touch: Cut a small piece of ribbon and burn the edges to prevent fraying. Use your trusty glue gun to secure ribbon to headband/back of flower.

Now you have a super cute headband!

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Ashley said...

That is super cute! I like that the flower and feather were already together for you. What a time saver! Seems like you have seriously gotten bitten by the crafty bug!

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