Saturday, February 20, 2010

March Crafty Crafty Update: PLEASE READ

Ok Ladies, I purchased everything for March's Craft Night except the frames and glass. There were so many frame choices and price differences I couldn't make that decision for everyone! Also I know a few of you wanted to purchase you're own for style reasons etc.

So everyone will need to bring with them:

1 8x10 Picture
1 8x10 Document (If not using Proclamation)
18x24 Frame
18x24 Addional Piece of Glass 
(I have everything else including several ribbon choices if you prefer something other than black)

Michaels and Hobby Lobby have frames 50% off right now.
Personally I think Hobby Lobby has a better selection and they are 10-15 dollars cheaper!
(Both Sales End Today!)

You can also use coupons on regular price items. Here are links to printable coupons.
(Coupons End Today! But you can always google for more!)

Another reminder is each of these stores accepts competitor coupons!

Hobby Lobby also has 18x24 pre cut glass for $20.00 regular price and you can use your 40% off coupon. (You'll need to ask for it at Custom Framing).
I will be checking with a few other places for a cheaper price but that's the best so far.
(I'll update if I find it cheaper.)

Custom Vinyl:
Please leave a comment or email me with your established date & name you want.

Here is the tutorial link again if you need a refresher:

See You March 6th!!
(if you have any trouble getting your items please let me know so I can help)
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Denise said...

Hey! Can we get "The Cowden Family" (with the print and script fonts, like the tutorial shows) and "Est 2005"? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chantae said...

Hi! Thank you. "The Cooper Family" & Est 2003!!

Jax Avery said...

Yes the fonts will be the same or very similar to the tutorial.

The Pullins said...

Thanks Jacqui!!!!

The Pullins Family Est 2003

Tenille said...

ummm, you know my info, yes?? my last name is Avery (shocking, I know) and I was married in 2001 since, you know, you were in Canada at the time and I didn't really know you existed and all. just sayin...

azlabrat said...

If you already ordered let me know, I know I'm a little late to the party...if you haven't ordered yet can we get "The Eastmans" "Est. 2005"?

Thanks a million!

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