Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bachelorette Backtalk - Eppisode Six

Opps! I forgot to post this last night! Sorry to those who were waiting for it! 

So...Rated R. 
Really? What an idiot. I pretty much think his girlfriend is totally awesome for throwing him under the bus; however, I wonder if that was just a stunt too since he wasn't getting much attention on the show anymore. Any media is good media right? We wont for get him and he now looks like a bad ass which is more fitting to a wrestling career than a sweet mama's boy. So I'm not really buying it.
Any of it. 

Frank is annoying and off my list. 
Scene's for Tahiti look interesting...does he finally tell her he's gay or something? How random. I feel like Ali has gotten the run around on this show thanks to producer picks for ratings etc. I kinda feel this show is loosing it's appeal and if they are smart it should be in it's last season.

Kurt is my #1, Roberto #2
The other two are mostly fillers to me right now. I barely remember their names.

Anyway what did YOU think of the show? Who is your favorite to win and what was your take on the whole Rated R thing. Also what do you think Frank is going to "talk" to her about. (No spoilers only guesses please!!)

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Yeah, pretty much Justin is an IDIOT. He shot himself in the foot with his little publicity stunt, I think!! The phone messages playing as he walked away were just too funny!!

I kind of like Ty... he is so protective and sweet. Don't think she'll go for him though because of the big D in his past. And I think Frank just has a nervous breakdown. He's always been rather jittery I think. This show is way too funny this season.

Cookbook Queen said...

I really like Chris L...mainly because I like the Nikes he wears to the cocktail parties. Sorry, but there it is. Also...wanted to let you know that I've posted a link to your cute baby in a knitted pod picture on my blog today!! Have a great day, chickie!!

Nancy at EmbroideryIt.com said...

I thought the same as you that this was a stunt as Justin thought he wasn't as close to Ali as the others and wouldn't get a rose this time around. Seriously, how were the cameras on Justin's girlfriend if it wasn't a set up.

Brandon and Julie said...

I would have to say that I think Roberto and Kirk (I noticed you called him Kurt), are going to make it to the top two. Also i think Frank is to insecure for his own good, and is going to leave the house. Ali is better off without him, I am not sure what she sees in him besides the fact that he was her very first date. I loved that justin still had the rose in his pocket, see ya sucker!!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Yes Kirk! Sorry! ;)

oliveoyl64 said...

zzzzzzzzzzz, that was my feeling on the entire episode. They had to do the Justin/girlfriend bit to keep people interested. Seriously the WORST season EVER.

Nichelle said...

i think frank realized he has too many issues and needs to leave and work on it, in other words, he's leaving for the good of them both. which i hope happens because that would be very grownup of him to do.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Boy the other guys had him pegged from the start! Roberto is my pick! What a cutie!


justin said...

Frank tells Ali about his drug addiction that makes him so jittery?

Chris and Roberto are my favs cuz they're the most real I think. Kirk is hot but I think he's hiding something.

Justin's gf is a bad liar and fake-crier.

PS- This is Rachel, not Justin.

Laurie said...

First of all seeings how nobody has mentioned it yet poor Craig R! He wasnt really ever one of my favorites but I have to admit that he was really starting to grow on me! He doesnt even get a one on one date and the she finally boots him because they werent connecting or whatever. Might have been nice to give him a chance with a real date first! Anyways as far as the whole Rated R thing, it wasnt much of a shocker and I'm just glad he's finally gone! I can't seem to make my own mind up on the remaining guys so I have no idea who she'll be going for! lol. Hopefully next weeks show will be a good one! I dunno what Frank goes off about but I sort of wonder if he's doing it for attention or to try and bond with Ali about some issue he has or something. Or he wants her to tell him how much she cares about him and that she wants him to stay, I dunno that's my theory but I guess we'll find out soon!

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