Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Handmade Birthday Gifts

So technically not a tutorial today but I wanted to share the beautiful handmade birthday gifts I received Sunday and hopefully give you some inspiration for future gift giving! I know I'm inspired!

Mason Jar Potted Flowers & Matching Card
My friend Breanne is my Goodwill partner in crime and knows I always head strait to the glass section in search for Mason & other old fashioned jars! I just loved how she incorporated my love of jars into this beautiful gift and I love the simple matching card, it's beautiful!

Gorgeous Paper Keepsake Box
My friend Alyeska & family came for a photoshoot Saturday and surprised me with this gorgeous paper box. I simply must learn how to make this, it's absolutely stunning! The quote made me tear up, it's so special!

Engraved Burlap Wall Hanging
Ashley from {Cute as a Fox} gave me this amazing wall hanging! She actually engraved the burlap with her laser! Incredible! I can't wait to hang it up! Check out {her post} for more info on how she made it!

Sister's Cross Stitch Magnet
My little sis made me this beautiful cross stitch and mounted it in a magnet frame! It looks so good on my fridge and I love seeing it multiple times throughout the day. I forgot to ask about this one but she does most of her cross stitch with out a pattern it's amazing! She even made custom labels for our Christmas stockings this last year!

Beautiful Embossed Card
My bestie Claire gave me the most beautiful earrings this year along with a beautiful handmade card of course! She seriously is incredible with card making and is totally my inspiration!

Adorable Crochet Flowers
I had used one of Claire's crochet flowers while card making on our Montana trip and when my mom saw it she said, "I could totally make those!" Well since my birthday was right around the corner I asked her to do just that! For my 27th birthday I received (among a ton of other craft supplies!) 27 crocheted flowers! All different sizes and colors all equip with brads ready to be attached to cards!  Check out {this post} to see a few cards I've already made with them!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the wonderful and generous gifts, handmade and otherwise! I was thoroughly spoiled and had a wonderful birthday! 
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9 want.love.need.comments:

AlMcLeary said...

Happy Birthday

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Thank you!!

Breanne said...

What a honor! I'm blushing. :)
I want to learn how to crochet flowers. Love those~!

Staci J said...

Hope you had a fun birthday Jax!! Thanks for sharing your great gifts!!!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Oh you're welcome Breanne!! I am doing all I can to keep them alive. I have a black thumb!

Mom C said...

Wish the hugs and kisses I sent through my own cyberspace were the real thing! Glad you had a good Birthday, love you honey!

jayayceeblog said...

{sigh} Looking at all those cute projects makes me itch to make something ... where to start? Your Mom is wonderful to send you all those darling crocheted flowers. My Mom sent me a box of adorable handmade patchwork baskets ... http://jayayceeblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/handmade-patchwork-baskets.html
Mom ... the gift that keeps on giving!!! :-D

Waseem said...

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Anonymous said...

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