Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse Advanced Screening - 7pm Tonight - Tickets Available

Tickets are still available! Click Image to Purchase!

My lovely friend Steph {Somewhat Simple / Crazy Domestic } told me about this awesome opportunity over lunch yesterday and I jumped on it! Friends of hers put together an advanced screening of Eclipse...um yes please!! I contacted them immediately and purchased tickets! My SIL Tenille {AVery Good Life} was able to sell our midnight tickets in about 2.3 seconds!
Whaoo! No waiting in line for us! 

So not only do you get to see the movie early BUT there are assigned seats - brilliant AND tons of raffle prizes!! WHAT!
Yeah you read that right folks!
Click HERE for a list of the raffle prizes!

Thanks for putting this together Jenny & Heather! I can't wait!

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3 want.love.need.comments:

Honey Lamb and I said...

I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon but I am flipping out!!! I cannot wait to see it!!! I have to dig out my wal-mart wolf girl shirt tonight! lol! ~Shelley O.

Anonymous said...

Lucky You!! Here in Utah the theaters have been sold out for a month or so!!

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

awwww LUCKY!!! LOL MY sister is going to the midnight showing.. but our theatre is also playing Twlight, new moon, then eclipse. SO her and a friend are doing that.. I wanted to go so bad.. but have to get things ready for a wedding my husband and I are going to in Vegas. :( It was so fun last year for new moon.. they did the same thing, twilight then new moon. I was so fun. Bummed Im missing out and wont be able to see eclipse till next week now!! Boo!!! :)

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