Friday, June 11, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Ant Knit

I'm so excited to welcome Marcia from Ant Knit today! You HAVE to check out her kids toys! They are so adorable! I'm posting there today to, so come join the field trip and head over to see what I'm crafting up!

It is super nice of Jax to let me steal her blog for the day, isn't it? I'm absolutely honored.
I guess maybe I should say a little something about my self. I'm Marcia, sometimes antknit. Most often I crochet, but I used to knit exclusively (hence the blog name). I now rarely knit and have even branched out into other crafts. My favorite things to crochet are toys for all of my favorite young people, and I have many! I'm mom to four girls (ages 6 to 13), aunt to more than 30 kids and spoiler of many more. My two favorite toys I've ever made are a giraffe and an octopus.
I don't suppose I'm like most of the other crafters out there in blogland. I mostly fake it and steal er ... borrow ideas from other people. A lot of the time I have no clue what I'm doing. But that's ok with me (maybe not as ok with my husband though!). I want to show you how I fixed up a magnet board for my new craft room. The idea came from my friend Michelle. I don't know where she got it.
I started with an unfinished magnet board I purchased from a local craft store at 50% off. (yay!)
Because my decorating theme of this room seems to be leaning in the direction of "a dumped out box of crayons" I chose a nice, bright purple (in honor of the friend from whom I got the idea for the tissue paper part that is coming up, it's her favorite color). Supplies needed (in addition to the board): mod podge, spray paint & plain ol' tissue paper for gift wrapping (I got mine at the dollar store).

One of my daughters and I tore a couple of sheets of tissue into rectangles, I'm guessing 8x5 or so. It is not exact. Nothing I do ever is. The next step was to paint the mod podge, a little at a time, and covering with the paper, wrinkling as you go.
like this:
and you end up with it looking something like this:
I removed the paper hanging off of the edges, tearing the bigger parts and using a razor blade for finish and covered the entire center with pages torn from one of the million phone books that we keep getting (who uses them anymore anyway?). I then took it outside and leaned it against the girls' tricky bar. I figured the grass underneath can get cut so it didn't matter if it got painted a little.
And I sprayed. Everywhere.
Until it looked like this (I had forgotten to remember to cover the bar support. It's now purple):
We removed the paper and that's it! Unfortunately for me, the girls have been making their own youtube videos (yikes!) and were using my fancy, new board for something-or-other so when I went to take it's final picture I could not find either the cute magnets I had made to go on it (hot glue, flat marble-like colored glass & round magnets) or my camera. So I had to use my cell phone. Not the best but oh well.

Well, that's it. Easy, no? Thanks for reading my post here on Aly&Ash! I had fun!
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Elder Esplin said...

That is so cool how you gave it the little texture! What a neat idea. Hey, thanks for stoppin by today and leavin' me some love. I think you're pretty amazing too!

Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Thanks Jennie, but I can't take any credit for this magnet board! It's a swap from Marcia at Ant Knit! You should check out her blog it's great!

Susie and Cody said...

Hey I wasn't sure if I should put this comment your blog, or hers where you guest posted about a pattern or tute on those cute crocheted flowers? (LOVE them on the cards :))

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

I totally would Susie but my mom made them! I have no idea how to crochet! You'll have to hit up marcia at antknit!

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