Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Coopers

Last weekend I had such a fun photoshoot with Rachel & Justin!

Click Here: DoChara Photography Blog to view more of my favorites from The Coopers fall photoshoot!
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greta said...

hey jacqui,
okay, you seriously need to do my family's pictures. i mean seriously. would you be willing to come out here and do them. we would pay for your ticket. you could bring asher (although, i don't know if we could pay for a separate seat for him, you would have to hold him on your lap). you think i'm joking? no, no i'm totally serious. let me know if your up to it. that, and then we could finally meet that sweet baby boy before he starts walking and talking!
oh, and the pictures turned out awesome as usual!

Jax Avery said...

Umm yeah, you book the flight and we're there! Stuart and I have been talking about how bad we want to come visit you guys. Maybe we can swing getting Stuart a ticket and we can all come!

Staci J said...

They turned out soooo cute! Great models you have to work with too:)

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