Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great Wall Challange Link Up!

To all my organized crafters I need your help! You may remember this post:

Well I am sad/happy to report there will not be a Part Two! Well not really anyway. My husband recently got a new job for which he will be working primarily from home (hooray) with some traveling. BUT he is taking back the office! He needs 100% of the room to set up his new desk/computers etc. So it's back up to to the guest bedroom for me! But this time I will not have a table. I really want to keep the guest room a guest room and the closet is full of my photography equipment soooo I'm getting one wall! One wall for shelves to organize all my craft stuff. It has to be esthetically pleasing and orderly as to not scare guests away from the room or give them nightmares at night! I need to be able to quickly get and put back items I will be taking out to work on in the dining room. That's where you come in! If you have a great wall of organization to share with me and inspire me please link up so I can come check it out! I appreciate all your crafty organization help! I should also mention I will not be using the shelves shown here, those will be staying in the office so I'll be buying all new shelves/bins/baskets whatever I need so if you have a great product to recommend that'd be awesome too! P.S. I have one week to complete this transformation! Yikes!

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greta said...

did you finish yet because IKEA and pottery barn usually have great ideas. pottery barn is really expensive so i get ideas from their web site and then go to IKEA or somewhere else to purchase similar items for much cheaper. good luck! i can't wait to see pictures. by the way, where is the new baby going to be? will he share a room with asher?

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Oh yeah I forgot about the new baby...Just kidding! We are pretty sure we'll be moving before the baby is born and regardless he'll sleep in our room the 1st three months like Asher did in the bassinet.

And I actually scored a three piece shelf set off craigslist for only $50.00! I'm so excited! We're picking them up on Saturday and so tomorrow I'll be getting bins and baskets and all that fun stuff to organize everything on the shelves!


Kellie said...

One recommendation is a table that folds down. I got one from Ikea a couple of years ago and I loved it. The table basically attaches to the wall and lays flat against the wall when it's not in use. When you want to use it it has an arm underneath that you pop out and it supports the table. I hope this makes sense. Good luck-organizing is one of those things I love when it's done but I HATE doing it.

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