Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Introducing our newest addition: Griffin James

Griffin James Avery
Born March 16th at 6:59pm
7lbs 12oz & 20.75 inches

I am so happy to introduce our newest little bundle to you! Isn't he precious! He is seriously an incredible little newborn! Already sleeping from midnight till 9:30am with a diaper change and dream feed at 5:30am. It's incredible! He rarely cries and LOVES the sound of his mommy and daddy's voices turning his head and opening his eyes really wide to the sound!

Asher couldn't be less impressed with his little brother however! He goes out of his way to avoid him and stares at him out of  the corner of his eye so we "can't see him looking!" Each day he gets a little less annoyed that Griffin is here so fingers crossed! I know when they are older they will be great friends so I'm not to worried. But with Asher only 17 months old, he still wants to be the baby and be held which I understand. Lucky for us Griffin prefers to lay in his bed or on his bean bag for naps vs. be in our arms so Asher gets a lot of snuggles!

Griffin's arrival was pretty uneventful and I feel grateful I don't have a crazy birth story to share with you! It involved a lot of waiting and waiting...and waiting! I was scheduled for induction Monday, March 14th at 5am. Our great friends Tina & Nathan came over Sunday night and we watched a movie, ate some yummy food, took silly pictures of my belly (Ok so that was just me and Tina!) But regardless we had a blast. They spent the night so we could head off to the hospital first thing and not disturb Asher. Then they would take him over to my friend Breanne's where he'd be staying the next night. All went according to plan until we arrived at the hospital and were told they tried to call us and were canceling all scheduled inductions due to lack of nurses. WHAT!!! They said we were first on the call back list and they'd call us once they could fit us in. So back home we went, disappointed and emotional.

We both crashed on the couches with our cell phones in hand waiting for the call. A few hours later Tina, Nathan and Asher were up surprised to see us home! Tina and Nathan headed back to their home and I let Breanne know we were playing the waiting game. The waiting continued all day the 14th and all day the 15th till FINALLY we got the call to come in at 10pm Tuesday the 15th. We scooped Asher out of bed, dropped him at Breanne's and headed back to the hospital. Luckily this time we weren't turned away! The nurses got me all hooked up to the machines, started the pitocin and guess what...more waiting of course!

Progress was slow but steady on the Pitocin and the nurse kept upping the dosage till she couldn't increase it any more! I could feel the contractions but I wasn't in pain or really uncomfortable which was kind of annoying because it confirmed the lack of progress on Griffin's side of things. He apparently was totally content just chillin' in mama's tummy! Once I was finally far enough along my doc.came in to break my water. All the pain I hadn't been feeling hit me like a ton of bricks and the contractions were immediately intolerable. Luckily I didn't have to wait long for an epidural! With the contractions in full force however the monitors were showing that Griffin's heart rate was decreasing each contraction. The nurse had me shifting and moving into so many different positions to see if we could release the pressure on the umbilical cord. Not the easiest of tasks being numb from the waist down! 

Then just like his big brother once he was ready to come...he came quick! I went from a 6 to a 10 in about 5 minutes and Griffin was making his exit! And just like with is big brother my doctor couldn't wait any long and had just left the hospital so the doctor on call delivered him! My doctor's exact words as she left at 5:30pm, "I'm so sorry but I have to go get my daughter from the nanny...you better not have this baby before 6pm!" Official time was 5:59pm - Hahahahah! The doctor on call couldn't believe how fast Griffin was coming and was almost yelling at the nurses since nothing was prepared! All worked out though and with three pushes and a brief pause while the umbilical cord was unwrapped from around Griffin's shoulder he was in my arms! 


He was perfectly healthy and apparently happy! This baby smiles more than I have ever seen, it's so precious! We were moved into a recovery room and where we slept and spend the next day. We enjoyed the company of a few visitors who came to meet Griffin and then we were headed home that night! Since Griffin has been here we have been completely over whelmed with joy and love. I can't imagine our family without him now and am so excited to see him grow and learn! 

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Sassy Sites! said...

He is adorable!!! Congrats on your new bundle of JOY!!! xoxo!

Mark and Jessica said...

He is so precious! Congrats, again you guys!!

Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your birth photos are beautiful! Griffin is such a sweetheart.

Sims Family said...

Congratulations! He is adorable and I love your photos.

ificould said...

COngrats- such cute pictures and such a sweet baby!

Staci J said...

Thanks for sharing your story, he really is a beautiful baby Jax, so happy for you guys!!!
love ya

Citra said...

Hello baby Griffin, welcome to this beatiful world
And congratulation, Jax. So happy for all of you :)

dagbertige said...

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