Monday, January 10, 2011

Bachelor Backtalk and my regrets...

I'm sorry folks, tonight was horrible. I honestly can't stand Brad and don't think I can sit through another 2 hour episode of this show. Whether or not I'll be watching/posting next week is yet to be determined but I am thinking not. There wasn't a big turnout of comments on the last episode so I am thinking you guys feel the same! 

And guess who turned out to be a psycho! Yup, Michelle!
I think it was her birthday this episode but I can't be sure... (insert eye rolling here)
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Sassy Sites! said...

I did think it was HIL.AIR.IOUS. that he got rid of BOTH of the drama queens that couldn't get along! Usually, they will keep one around, just for the ratings. I was happy to see them both leave! As for Michelle, YEAH RIGHT!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have not watched it this year, but when I watched Brad last time, I thought, he just does not talk normal, it is an odd speech and then I thought he said somewhere that he was a premie baby and I thought maybe he has a mental deficit. Listen to has speech, let me know what you think


Dana M. said...

I've never watched the Bachelor... but I finally caught up.. and what was with the crying fest at the cocktail party. lol

Michaela said...

I love this show, but mostly because it's so ridiculous to begin with, so I don't expect much from Brad or the girls. It just makes me laugh. Michelle was so annoying! It's funny to me how she thinks she so great, but she's portraying herself like such a diva on the show!! The only two girls I like are Ashley and Emily (:

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