Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Back!!!! Bachelor Backtalk Episode #1 + Cheat Sheet

Bachelor Backtalk Episode #1

 Well....what did you think ladies...did anyone else even watch it? Ha-ha! I debated strongly but decided to give it at least one episode.

Well first off I have to say, you'd think I'd be sick of seeing this guy get slapped in every commercial for the last two months or however long they've been advertising it but NOPE! It was fantastic! Ha-ha loved it! 
And the look on his face when Chris said that Jenny and Deanna were there, ahahhaahhaha priceless!
Any favorite girls yet? Mine are Emily from South Carolina & Michelle from Salt Lake! They are both so sweet, must be because they are both Moms! And I think Marissa from Kissimee, FL the sports publisit will be fun. Seems like there are some good ones and some weird ones for vampire chick (Madison). Really? really? WOW! Will you think you're as cool when you see your lipstick is all over your stupid vampire teeth? Bleh. And I think the Rockette (Keltie) missed the memo that the one earring thing is hideous!

And for those of you on twitter my favorite tweet from this night:
Andrea Lavinthal andilavs Blah, blah, blah....stop crying, take off your shirt, and bring on the skanks. #Bachelor

And if you're gonna stick with it, here is the cheat sheet for the season!

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Unknown said...

I love that tweet!! ha! My all time favorite is Emily the mom! We'll see :)

mylittlegems said...

you crack me up- I have the same two favorites ;) But I don't even admit that I watch this show- because I am old- lol- :) but I have been watching it from season one- so I can't quit now. Seriously the dumbest show- but it keeps me watching ;)

Staci J said...

I LOVE Emily! She's my pick to win it, but it's not looking good for Brad in the end... I think it'll be a good season filled with all the drama we need!!

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