Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zoo Day! Feeding the Giraffe!

So Asher has LOVED giraffes since he was about 2 months old! Every time we're at the zoo we are either there too late to feed the giraffe or Asher is asleep. Today he was awake and we were their early AND thanks to the 365 Project I actually brought my camera! I metered out & snapped a close up of the big guy then handed my camera to a worker and told her to click away! She got a couple good ones I was so happy!

 I had to put the food in Asher's hand then guide it to the giraffe's mouth. 

My friend Breanne & her daughter Aubrey joined in on the fun too!

 I love Aubrey in this picture! So cute!
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Anonymous said...

Awesome photo of the giraffe, and I love how intent Asher is on the task of feeding it!

ADmin said...

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