Friday, July 9, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Get Craftin!

Hello everyone, 
I'm the chick behind Get Craftin!

I'm extremely excited to be guest posting here today!

My name is Ana Paula, but you can call me whatever creative nickname you come up with. 

Trust me there's a lot, but  i won't humiliate myself today. 
I'm a newlywed of 10 months now.
I don't know how long you still call yourselves newlyweds? 
But we still feel like newlyweds.
Some of my interests includes photography...
I want to some day be a pro, but for now i just do it for fun without a great camera.

Interior Decorating is another passion. Although i live in a very square feet limited space, i love to decorate a home to make it feel homy. My style is complicated, it's a modern with vintage, eclectic and comfortable. I told you it was complicated!

Here's my latest furniture revamp.
You can find the tutorial HERE!

I also love love fashion. Every Wednesday i do a post called "What I Wear" I try to photograph my outfits throughout the week then i hear what you all have to say about it.
I'm the thriftiest thriftier out there, and i love to share my finds that i incorporate in my outfits.

The necklace is another piece i made.

Jewelry is some of my favorite crafts, why? because i love anything feminine. I'm defiantly a girly girl. I love turning old pieces of jewelry to something new and interesting.
Check out the tutorial HERE!

(No that's not me, i know you were thinking it, but it's my gorgeous sis)

As if i haven't blahbed enough i'm going to show you a quick and easy tutorial for a fabulous piece of art. In the past i have done a tutorial for button art, 
Here's the old tutorial. 
Today i'm going to revive it from the past with a new twist to it.
In the past post i created a Monogram S, for our last name.

Now i revived the tutorial to make a fabulous damask shape to go with my monogram S.

Here's how YOU can create this easy peezy piece of art.

I scored  used canvas at the thrift store for only a buck each, i was so happy because those can be a little pricy sometimes. If you don't have canvas you can use an old wood picture frame without the glass and back. 

       So here's what you'll need:

  • Canvas or your frames

  • Your choice of Fabric

  • Hot glue or staple gun

  • and buttons... lots and lots of buttons

  • and either ink to stain the edges or paint

  • 1st: I started out by removing the canvas of the wood frame, I just used a kitchen knife to remove the staples. Probably not so safe, just use whatever you feel comfortable using to remove those staples. Or rip the canvas right off the wood frame, leaving the staples behind because it won't show anyways.

    2nd: When you have your wood frame all alone. Move on to your fabric. Measure it out so it covers your wood frame. Cut it out, and iron it down so there's no wrinkles.
    Hint that you often see here on Meet Virginia, at thrift stores look for patterns on sheets that you love, because you get a lot of fabric for barely any money. That's what i did here, i had this ripped sheet so i put it to good use.

    3rd: You either hot glue or staple your fabric unto your wood frame. Pull on it tightly so you get a smooth surface. Fold the edges down as if you were wrapping a present then staple or hot glue it down.
    4th: I then sketched with a pencil my S and my damask pattern free handed. You could easily print off a shape from your computer, cut it out and follow the stencil if you don't like the free handed deal.

    5th: I then set out all the buttons on my stencil to a way i liked the layout, then using hot glue, i attached all the buttons following my sketch. I clipped off with some jewelry pliers the backs of all the buttons.

    Last: When they were all glued on, i used some dark paint

    to run over the buttons and the edge of the canvas. 
    My buttons were really really gold and i didn't love that. So the paint was a solution.

    Easy enough right?!
    The two made a perfect couple. 

    It defiantly completes my mantel piece and goes perfect with my new ottoman that has the same fabric.

    (sorry about the glare, hope your not blind by now)

    I'm a creator with NO Martha Stewart budget, 
    so if you love creating fabulous pieces without spending a lot of moneylike myself check out my blog 
     Get Craftin'

    Have a fabulous day everyone!
    I hope to see ya at my blog one of these days :)
    I love to chit chat as you can tell by this long post so drop me a message, comment, email or whatev.


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    This is a great idea. I loved how your monogram turned out.

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    Those are so, so gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the how-to, I'll be linking.

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