Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'll Be Blogging Next to the Moose Eh!

So the day has come bloggy friends! Ash and I are all packed up and are headed to my home of Canada for the summer! We'll be gone for a whole month...but don't fret! I'll still be blogging up some crafty goodness for ya! And of course I'll share pictures of our trip along the way! 

Some things to look forward to are: 

Awesome Field Trip Fridays with A Little Lovely, Scraps N' Strings and The French Curve

A fantastic giveaway from The Pleated Poppy

Super cute Wordless Wednesdays...featuring Ash of course!

Some great new tutorials and my mom teaching me how to sew & crochet...that might be comical!

And a detailed "how to" guide to having a Best Friends Getaway in your very own Home Town!


There is a warning may experience severe jealousy & envy as you see the gorgeous Canadian coast though my pictures!  Hey, they don't call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing! 
***This may be exceptionally dangerous for fellow Arizona friends & bloggy buddies!***

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kati said...

YEAH I live In Vancouver BC.... so I hear you there.... HAVE FUN IT IS SO PRETTY NOW!

Cookbook Queen said...

Have a blast and stay safe, chickie!!

Michelle said...

Vancouver EH??? Have fun on the trip home :) you'll have some good weather not too hot not too cold :)

Denise said...

Where are my Canada pics, eh? You've been there two whole days! ;-)

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