Friday, July 2, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Sweet Charli Boutique & Blog

Hey all you Aly & Ash readers! I feel so lucky to be blog swapping with Jax today!
My name is Kami, from Sweet Charli Boutique & Blog. I love creating new things for myself, my girl, and my home. Come on over and check things out, I always love having new visitors! I am going to share a project with you today that has been one of my most popular! And the best thing is, you can make them for under $5!!
Just an FYI, on Saturday, July 3rd, Old Navy will be having their $1 flip flop sale again! Perfect timing to make yourself some of these:
Here is an awesome project that you should make for yourself!
Flip Flops: from ordinary to extraordinary in 5 minutes and under 5$!!
Yep, you heard me!
I needed black flip flops but hate wearing plain ones. I needed somewhat dressy but didn't want to pay the price.
Ordinary Flip Flops - old or new.
(Old Navy Flip Flops are on sale right now 2 for $5. JoAnn's also has cheap ones, 2 for $5)
Embellished Ribbon - you can find these in JoAnn's, you buy them by the yard and they have endless possibilities
(or you can use your own ribbon and make your own ruffle)
Glue - I used Gorilla Glue
Flower Embellishment

I measured the straps on my flip flops and each strap was about 6 inches. I got 12 inches of ruffled embellished ribbon, and 12 inches of plain velvet ribbon.

Cut your ribbons to the size of your straps, and glue on with your glue.

Clamp the ribbon down (I just used hair clips) and let dry. (okay, without the glue drying part these flip flops take 5 minutes!) Gorilla glue takes about 2-3 hours to fully dry. I just let them sit over-night.

I made my own flower embellishments from polyester material. Cut out circles, then burn around the edges. Stick on top of each other and glue. Then stick jewels or beads in the middle. I just hot glued the flowers to the ribbon on the flip flops:
And here's the finished product!!
Hope you all have fun making yourself some cheap, but adorable flips!!

Thanks so much for letting me share!!


Thanks Jax, for the swap! :)
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Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Thanks so much Kami! I love the sandals so much I need to make some!

Unknown said...

oooh, I have a couple of pairs just dying for this. TFS!

Anonymous said...

Just love these! Thank you for sharing. Plan to make some of these for myself.

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