Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Great Baby Name Debate!

Alright you creative geniuses! I am hoping you can help me! The hubs and I can not come up with (agree on) a name for baby boy#2. I honestly feel like we just named Asher, how are we supposed to come up with another one so soon! 

I'm due St. Patrick's day (March 17th) so I have some time but considering we don't even have a possibilities list, stress is starting to creep in! I have been making my eyes bleed looking at baby name lists that contain 10% cute and 90% crap and can't take it anymore! 

So if you don't mind sharing please leave a comment with name suggestions! Names you like, names you've heard, names of your kids if you don't mind me possibly copying. I need all the help I can get! 

And just because I can't put up a post without pictures
here is little baby boy#2 from our last Ultrasound at 18 weeks!
Isn't he so cute already!

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49 want.love.need.comments:

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

He is so cute already! My little guy's name is Kason, but Kalem (Calum, a million ways to spell it) was a close second. :)

kati said...

well honestly it depends if you like traditional or of you are willing to go a little out there.

When I first heard this name I thought... no... then I used it a few times... thought about it and NOW I LOVE IT!!!

Denlin The little boy I know who is named denlin is so sweet and kind. He has spunk and an amazing imagination. It is pronounced just as it is spelled...

Another name I love is Greyson and Luke...GOOD LUCK!!!

Unknown said...
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Jessica said...

If your into biblical names that are different my two sons names are Malakai (biblical spelling is Malachi) and Azariah. Good luck!

Room to Inspire said...

He is super cute already! Names are so hard, I have always liked Cruz and a friend of mine just named her little boy Brooks!


Unknown said...

I have three boys... Stephen Wayne(family name), Jackson BoAlan, & Jase Morgan. I also Love the names Ryder, Zane, Garrett, Wyatt, Reagan, Ashton, Aidan, Gavin, Mason & Brady......Just a word of advice... Whatever you name your child be prepared for them to sometimes act exactly the way the name is defined...So if you don't care for the definition then don't choose the name ;)

Kelli said...

I like names that are a little bit more traditional (thus why I have a Robert (Robby) Raymond and Alexander (Xander) Carl. We also like:

William (Liam)

There are others I'm sure...but I can't remember them now...

Unknown said...

I'm due April 8th with our first, a boy! My husband and I had a girls name right away but struggled to agree on a boys name. Originally we loved Cyrus (Cy for short) but the more I thought about it the less I liked it with our last name. (Think Cyborg haha)A week before we found out it was a boy we finally agreed on a name that I absolutely love! Langston Michael! Good luck with your search! :)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

My boys are:

I like:

Anonymous said...

I have 2 boys Cole and Crew. I love both of their names. My son Cole said that he thinks you should name your son Cole. He loves his name. I also like Connor, Parker and Mason.

Andrea said...

My little boy is Jayden... LOVE! I also really like Kyson, Kyler, Mason, Branson, and Jake.

I keep a list on my phone of name I like, for someday I guess.

Emily@JanDee Crafts said...

I have a whole list of boy names I love because I have 4 girls and only one sweet boy...but if I ever have another chance to use one of my names it will be Brenaman. Its my great great grandfathers first name. His middle name Barr is pretty cool too!! Hey then you could do things alphabetically with an A and B name. HA HA!!! My neice just named her new son Davyen. Pronounced davy-in?? Pretty cute too!

Tai Bender said...

Asher is one of my favorite boy names! Love it and it has great meaning. Our Son is Elijah. I like biblical names for boys too. My husband is Paul. A great name that is under-used IMO. Good luck! Cant wait to hear what you choose!
taidye original

Unknown said...

My fav biblical names are Amos and Jonah. For manly names, I like Hunter and Gunnar.
Traditional - George, Henry, Elliot, Aiden
Fun and different - River, Stone, Forest

Ranae Broadhead said...

i love. teyson, garrett, wake, greyson, brenton, bentley, ryker, jayke, bayker, olyver, lynkon, harrison.

and i could go on if you'd like me too. i have more boys names i like then girls.

Beth Anne said...

I love Asher. You picked a great name, surely the name you pick for your 2nd baby boy will be just as wonderful - don't stress over it too much!

My little boy is Levi. Took us for-sticking-ever to pick.

I also really love: Gavin, Grant, Elijah, Elias, Declan, Enric, August/"Auggie" (I hated at first, but it's grown on me a lot and now I love it), Clint, Lucas/Luke, and Emmett.

Charity Donovan said...

I just heard the name Kiernan the other day & thought it was a good one! Very fitting for a St. Patrick's Day baby. :)

Sims Family said...

Lots of suggestions already!
I really wanted to name my son Dalton. It's my maiden name. My husband hated it so we ended up with Brandon. And he was born March 18th, almost your due date.
I'm sure you will pick something that fits him and your family perfectly. I suggest getting a few faves and then see what he looks like when he is born. I do that with all my kids. And I tell my husband I don't have a favorite, I have five. But really I have one and then when the baby comes I say, "Wow! She (he) really looks like a ___!" And he agrees because I just went through so much trauma. :)

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

I have 2 little girls but my favorite boys names are Kellan and Blaine. :) I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel like you JUST picked out your first borns name.. My daughters are a year apart minus a day.. Abby was 3 months old and then we got pregnant with Lauren and had to start the name game all over again! So worth it, though. :) Good luck on your search for the perfect name for your little guy!!

Amie Kirk said...

Congrats on the little boy! We are expecting our second son in April. Our first son is Liam Elijah and our second will be Hudson John (John is after my husband and FIL) Good luck, boy names are hard to come up with : )

Kristy said...

Some of the names of my nephews are Deegan, Kelton, Porter, Walker, Korbin, Greyson, Alonzo Krew. Good luck! Picking a name is so hard!

connorandmaddiesmom said...

names are always so hard to pick. My son's name is Connor Lee and My nephew's name is Owen William. I'm sure whatever you pick it will be cute! I also love the name Asher.

Ksenia GypSee Art said...

Soo sweet, it needs immedeate scrapbooking. You are also lucky to catch such a nice pic! Whatever you pick, believe me, you will love the name just like the baby.

Aly said...

My two boys are Treyton and Griffin (whom we often call Griffey after Ken Griffey Jr....my husband came up with that one!). We had some come in close second: Jameson, Sam, and now I love Bridger. Good luck! Names are SO hard. My last two weren't named until five days after they were born. Stressful!

ALW0827 said...

My son's name is Maxx Thomas. Other boy names I love are Cooper, Jameson and Lane.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great picture...That is just unbelievable at 18 weeks.

My sons name is Bradley, he is 29 and loves his name he say's he likes it because He can be Brad or Bradley depending on the situation. Now, I am not so sure I still like the name, but I think a name that has options or can be shortened gives the child a couple of choices as they go thru life. My name is Carol and I hate it, there is no cute nick name or way it can be shortened, it would be like naming a kid Cole...no choices. Just something to think about as you choose a name.


Jess said...

Wow! So many suggestions already :)

For some reason, I have always (well since I first heard it) liked the name Fordge. A little out there but when you consider that some people are naming their kids apple and coco I guess Fordge isn't too bad lol

There is a couple in my church have two boys and their names are Aiden Skye and Gavin Blaize (both are called by their middle names). The parents names are Cazzy and Treasure so you know they have to have different names for the kiddos :)

Nichelle said...

Kelly! If we ever had another child and it was a boy I'd name him Kelly! And of course I love the name Trystan!
But Kelly and Asher... How perfect does that sound!!

Karin Marie said...

ooo I love baby names! It's my fave part! & helping out others as well. I am a baby name nerd! Asher is such a cute little boys name! (I know only one other Asher) But since it is biblical it all depends on if you want to stay in biblical baby names, a theme like only A names, A E I O U names, an Irish name because he's close to St. Patrick's day. etc.

The Asher I know has 2 brothers one older n one younger their names are Simeon, & Levi. too cute.
Other Biblical names are:
Elias (ee lye us) nn Eli
Jethro nn Jet
Samson nn Sam

Irish Names & other names:
Callum means dove
Rhys (reece)
Bennet/Bennett/Benett nn Ben
Sullivan nn Sully
etc etc,

Anonymous said...

When I had my daughter, I had girl names picked before I even knew I was having a girl. Never even considered boy names!
Now actually thinking about it, I really like the name Grayson and Mason. My nephews are Cody, Jack, and Jameson.

Stacie Hogan said...

we are in the same boat! We just found out yesterday that we are having a boy and we cant agree on anything! So this post was helpful. I like ryker best but hubby hates it. I also like Bronx and Kyson.

Julie said...

I met someone recently with boys and their names were Collin and Holden. I just love Holden. It is such a cute name. Good Luck! Julie

Mom C said...

Okay so Mom C has resisted long enough. I know....oh drat here they come.....
Shamus - Irish, variant of James: supplanter
Ian - Gaelic variant of John: Gift from God
Patrick - (why not the obvious) Irish: noble
Linden - English: unknown meaning
Drew - Scottish, diminutive of Andrew, Wise
Kelly - Gaelic: Warrior
Aidan - Irish: warm, little fire
Ardal - Irish: Valour, high honour
Arthur - Irish: stone
There were others too, but I thought this would annoy you enough! Love you tons,

Lindsay said...

My son's name is Cashel. It's Irish and very original. We absolutely LOVE it!

AllieMakes! said...

Since both of our families are Irish on both sides, I chose a family last-name for my little girl. It's AuBrynne. It gets pronounced awkward all the time, but I still love it. If there is a last name somewhere way back that would work, go for it!

Also, I have friend who has a girl named Jette. Pronounced Jet. Apparently it was a boys name they decided could be a girls name.

I think the more unique or less used names are better. But that is just my opinion.

Laura said...

I dont have any kids yet but I swear I am going to have girls when I do since Fiance's family NEEDS a boy to continue the family name hahaha.... anyways... of course we've picked out a few names...

Fiance likes "Connor Dale" for our first and I've picked "Carter James" for our second... middle names are family names... Fiance's nephews are:

Jaxon and

Citys run in the family apparently...

Janessa said...

If he were a girl, I'd suggest my name, Janessa. If you want try something foreign? I'm from Asia by the way, Singapore to be specific and I'm filipino ^^ Any I Like These boy names:

Aran (Thai for Forest)
Alain ( French version of Alan)
Rurik (Slavic for Red)
Laurent (French)

My parents came up with this crazy idea of naming my siblings and I with names starting with J (Cos my dad's name starts with J) So I'm Janessa Eunice, my brothers are Juan Kristoffer, Joshua Alexandre & Janelle Brian and my sister is Jenessa Caress.

Another suggestion is why don't you and your husband sit down and discuss what you hope your baby will be, for example, you want your baby to be a giving person and then from there look for names that means giving or associated with that trait like Nathan, hebrew for "he gave".

Hope it helps! ^^

Bobbi Lee said...

I like names that are not weird, but not common. Two of my favorite boy names: Kai and Cannon. Good luck in your search!

Unknown said...

Our 6 wk old is lincoln. I also like Boston, grayson, owen, and jaxon. I must have a thing for names that end with n.

Browns said...

My oldest boy was born on March 18th! While he's not so little anymore (will be 17 in March)...his name is Drew. My other two boys names are Austin (unoriginal, I know) and Chance. We're expecting baby #6 and are considering Jaxon if it's a boy. (my maiden name is Jackson). Good luck picking a name!

Becca said...

My little boys names are Jarrin McKay and Mason Konner. and I just named a little girl so i realy dont have little boy names on the brain. sorry. but it looks like you have alot of suggestions already. Good LucK!!

Recycled Rita said...

Congratulations! I love Griffin, Jonah, and my son is named Benjamin....

Anonymous said...

If I had another boy it would have been Keaton. :)

jenni d said...

I am excited to see what name you come up with! My son is Cole McCade :)

Jen jenrdh29@yahoo.com

alli said...

My son's name is Asher as well. We have talked about other names for a second boy and we like...

Malachi, chi for short

Unknown said...

you should do Atticus. As in Atticus Finch.

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