Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jared Fowler: Amazing Artist / Free Download

     Jared Fowler’s adventure into music started at the age of 11, when sitting silently at his grandmother’s funeral. As part of the wake, everyone present listened to the music that his grandmother Georgina Palfrey, had written during World War 2, almost 30 years in the past. The revelation came to Jared that music is the transporter of emotion into sound.

     For the next 19 years Jared begin creating music. He received lessons first on banjo for 3 years, which got his fingers moving and ears listening. Then in high school discovering that girls liked smooth guitar more than the twanging banjo, he switched to guitar and only looked back, a few times.

     Since inception, Jared’s music has never been nonsensical or trite. He writes about real emotions, real experiences with real feelings. Every song has a meaning and a story woven into it. Some songs are written with a message intended, others are written as a catharsis to avoid feverish tears. All Jared’s music has meaning, he suggests and promotes his fans to read his lyrics and poetry to better understand him and his method.

     For the better part of the last 7 years Jared has been playing his music all across BC and Alberta. 2 Western Canada tours, countless festivals, and a highly anticipated debut CD put Jared at the top of all the indie music to come from Vancouver.

Currently streaming Made for Me featuring Jared's beautiful wife Angie.

Past and current, counting 93 performances in 2010 alone and continue to include:

Cranberry Festival Ft. Langley
Leigh Square Music Festival Port Coquitlam
Berry Beat Festival Abbotsford
Art on the Farm Chilliwack
BC Songwriters Association Solo Showcase Langley
Canola Festival Fort St. John
Farmers Market Surrey
Western Canadian Tours – Spring and Winter 2010

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Jared is giving Aly&Ash readers a free download of his song Someone!
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