Monday, November 22, 2010


I feel like i haven't made anything craft wise in FOREVER! After summer travels, morning sickness and now the fact that we are moving I really have zero time. I even had grand ideas of making all my Christmas cards by hand this year...yeah...doubt that will be happening!

But I did find some inspiration today for other projects. Wrapped in a heated blanket drinking some spiced cider this morning I opened my google reader and started browsing. Here are a few tutorials I think are simply amazing and I really hope I can find time to make these!

#1. One Time Use Soap Leaves 
These are so adorable and what a great gift idea! I have so many of these leaves lying around I could make them today! Ohh and I can't wait to see what I can find for a Christmas version...maybe snowflakes?  So fun!
Click {HERE} to view the complete tutorial!

#2. Homemade Christmas Crackers
Christmas crackers have always been a big tradition in my family and I quickly emailed this tutorial to my mom, step mom and sister! I don't think I'll ever buy these again!
Click {HERE} to see the complete tutorial.

#3. DIY Big Box Advent Calendar
Holy freaken awesomness! (really there are no other words!) This may be a bigger project than I can handle this Christmas but eventually I would love to make one for each boy! Hmm....if I made Asher's next year and baby boy #2's the year after then I'd have a good variety of matching paper sets...ok now I'm just rambling! Eek, I'm so excited I just love it!
Click {HERE} to see the complete tutorial!

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angie said...

thanks for featuring me. i am so happy that you were inspired by my tutorial. i hope you find just a little time this season inbetween moving and all to make some! merry christmas!

greenbean said...

omg!...thanks a bunch for the feature! glad you liked my leaves!...

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