Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift Event Info

Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift

Have you seen this amazing event {Infarrantly Creative} put together in Indiana? 
Well guess what...
Ashley from {Cute as a Fox} and I are hosting one here in  
Phoenix, June 19th, 2010!


We have been working like crazy (mostly Ashley, let's be real!) to get this event planned! And are getting REALLY excited about how it's coming together!

So if you are:
  • located in the Phoenix-metro area or willing to take a little field trip here
  • a blogger,
  • a crafter,
  • a thrifter,
  • or all three (ohh triple threat)
this event is for you. We'll be meeting up for breakfast at {Mimi's Cafe} (yum, yum) and then carpooling around to three area Goodwill stores for a little treasure hunting! Friendship, fun & laughter sure to be had along the way!

Now let's get to the good stuff. We have been pounding the pavement looking for sponsors.{Swag bag anyone?} It is unbelievable how awesome our sponsors are and we aren't even done yet! Our participants can expect goody bags with products from:






We will keep updating the list as more sponsors sign on. We will also have a directory of attendees so everyone can get to know a little bit about each other before the big day.

ALL the details are on the {REGISTRATION PAGE}.
***There will always be a link to registration in the menu bar.

Please come join us on Saturday, June 19, 2010. It is sure to be a BLAST. I am so excited to meet bloggers and crafters from Arizona. I know there are a ton! Now hurry and {REGISTER} because there is limited space available!! Related Posts with Thumbnails


Lorie said...


I used to live in Arizona and we are spending a month there this summer. But I won't be there until the 21st!!

I hope you guys have so much fun and I can't wait to see pictures!

*Crystal* said...

This sounds awesome! Maybe I can talk my HUbby into moving to Arizona. :)

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Least of all a vacation Crystal! And Lorie you should totally come a few days early!!

Breanne said...

WOW~! how in the do you find the time? I can't believe how many new crafts you have posted.
this sounds like a blast. You know i'm always down for some thirft store goodness!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

One of the reasons I called you last night Breanne! I knew this was right up your ally!

extreme personal measures said...

Following you over from New Friend Friday!

Stop by and enter my giveaway:

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh.....for once I'm sad I live in Denver!!! LOL!

Have fun!!

Visiting from New Friend Friday!

Anonymous said...

I sooo wish I lived in Arizona!!

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