Friday, May 14, 2010

Field Trip Friday with Mod Podge Rocks

Ok readers, you are in for a treat...we have a celebrity in the house! If you don't know Amy already you have truly been missing out! Her blog Mod Podge Rocks is amazing! So I won't hold you another second let's get on with her post!

Well hallo there! I'm Amy, from Mod Podge Rocks! If you read my blog, you already know that I'm a decoupage wack-a-doo, and if you don't, be advised - I'm constantly seeking out and making Mod Podge projects, and I will decoupage your children! Kidding. Sort of. Aly & Ash readers, I'm happy to be here sharing my corner of the world with you. I hope you like it. Now let's roll!
Do you have bags? I have lots of bags. As I craft in different locales throughout the week (a crafting gypsy of sorts), I'm constantly hauling a bag or two around. A lot of bags requires a lot of places to hang them, and a hanger plaque is a perfect Mod Podge project - especially for a beginner. It's waaay easier than it looks, so let's jump in.
Gather These Supplies
Crown wood hanger - I realize these are not exactly at every store, so I created a pattern for you here. Use my pattern to cut out of wood or something else that has body/is stiff. Add a knob from the home improvement store or Anthropologie!
Mod Podge Gloss
Amy Butler Lotus Scrapbook Supplies - one sheet of paper and some embellishments
Blue cardstock - one sheet, coordinating
Letter stickers - to spell the saying of your choice, mine are Amy Butler
FolkArt Acrylic - Coastal Blue and Medium Gray (or other coordinating colors) Prima paper flowers - coordinating
Rhinestones - self-adhesive, coordinating
Flat Paintbrush
Craft Glue
Scissors or Craft Knife and Mat
Pencil or Pen
Hardware for hanging and a screwdriver
Take your sheet of scrapbook paper and lay your surface down flat - trace with a pencil or pen.
I was feeling bold, so I used a craft knife to carefully cut out the design. You can also use scissors. Set your paper crown shape aside.

Paint your surface. If your paper is thick enough (like mine is), you'll only have to paint the edges of the crown shape, because you won't be able to see the middle anyway. Don't forget to paint the back! I'm watching you. . .
At this time also paint the hanger if yours is made of wood. I painted mine Medium Gray. Allow to dry. If you purchased a knob or something like that, skip this part.
Time to Mod Podge! Spread a medium layer over the entire crown surface, and make sure you get the layer thick enough. More is better than less, because any that comes out the sides can just be wiped away. Make sure to get the edges well.
Lay your paper shape down and SMOOTH throughly. Your fingers work, but I highly recommend a brayer because you get the right amount of pressure. Roll back and forth, and like I said, wipe away any Podge that comes out the edges.
Now here's the important part - the part that will keep you from getting wrinkles on your project. SET ASIDE TO DRY FOR 15 - 20 MINUTES. Don't touch it, just let the Mod Podge set. Don't Mod Podge over the top, don't look at your project. Thank you.
Come back and Mod Podge over the top of the paper. You'll see I added the hanger at this time - I did that because I wanted to Mod Podge it too. The next step for me was to add a strip of blue paper to the center of the plaque, where I planned to put the saying. I followed the same procedure as I did to apply the main crown shape - allowing the paper to dry before putting the top coat of Mod Podge on.
One other thing - you'll notice that when I Mod Podged the blue paper down above, I left some hanging over the sides. This is to demonstrate that you can Mod Podge pieces of paper down on things and cut AFTER, but you need to wait until the Mod Podge has fully dried and then cut very carefully with your craft knife. The paper is Mod Podged, but it can still tear and ruin your project.
Allow all of the Mod Podging you did to dry.
My plaque was ready for embellishments. I added ribbon to cover the blue paper edges, then some letters to spell out "The Queen of Crafts."
Finish up with paper flowers, embellishments and rhinestones, all applied with craft glue. Set the whole project aside to dry for 24 hours before using. Mine came with a hanger, but if your surface needs a hanger, apply it at this time. By the way, have you ever seen these? Dischangers are not just for plates - they are PERFECT for hanging things like this! No tools needed. Cool huh?
I hope you enjoyed my post, and many thanks to Jax and all of you for having me. Stop by Mod Podge Rocks! any time for project ideas or advice (on crafting or whatever else) - I'm here for you. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks so much Amy! What a fabulous project! Make sure you head over to her blog...if you're not there already...seriously why am I still talking...GO! Related Posts with Thumbnails


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