Monday, May 31, 2010

Bachelorette Backtalk - Eppisode Two

Umm...Seriously...Seriously? - wow.
That was horrible. 

Ok I take that back, I enjoyed the first 15 minutes! 

I really like both Frank and Roberto! They are definitely my favorites to win Ali's heart! I'm sad Chris had to go tonight but mostly I feel bad for him! Talk about being snubbed in the editing room; they didn't even show his exit interview or goodbye to Ali...nothing! Aww!

So since we got so snubbed I thought I'd give you guys a little flashback pic!

Welcome to Grad 2001 @ Timberline High School 

Ok, now I'm embarrassed! The funny thing is...I thought I looked good that night! hahahah! Amazing how time changes our perspective eh! Chris looks cute though at least!

Anyway back to 2010 and the Bachelorette...what was you're take on the show? I'm so excited to hear your opinions, backtalk and teasing! One word...Weatherman! How on earth did he get a rose with lines like this:
"I'm a brown belt. You come at me, I'm just gonna put my hand in your face."

I would have kick both of them off Craig and Weatherman!
But let's not forget Craig's wise advice of the night:
"Ali not giving me a rose... She missed a big opportunity."
Really Craig, really! You were drunk the whole show...are you even sure who Ali is?

But I must say my favorite quote of the night came from Frank...don't get me wrong I love Frank but this just killed me!
"I'm managing a retail store while I write..." aka "I make no money!" #Fail

 Ahh, Bachelorette...I will never get these hours back and I can't seem to care! At least Ali looked super cute tonight! Especially when she wasn't all dolled up...or in a bikini top with pants...I'd label that a #fail too! Now let's get this convo started! Comment away my bloggy sistas! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

And after you comment check out a deleted scene here: 

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oliveoyl64 said...

A couple of guys got roses and I don't even know who they are. At least Craig is G.O.N.E. Weatherman seems like a little brat. Frank is already way to serious, telling Ali he felt like she was already his girlfriend. You went on ONE date. Who is the guy with the alien voice, can't understand a word he says. Roberto is still my #1 pick.

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

I almost had to shut the show off simply because of Craig. He was driving me nuts! I mean, come on - he is the biggest lunatic! I agree with you, Roberto is very nice and seems to be very real and down to earth. I am still trying to figure out who the rest of my favorites are! :)

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Ha-ha his name is Casey....I know can't understand a word he says either!

The Pullins said...

Along the lines of editing...did anyone notice that before Ali gave Weatherman a rose he already had one on his lapel? I have to give hubby credit for finding that one.

Can I say how thrilled I am that Craig is GONE!!!!! What a jerk!! He's going to "need some attention" on his way home. Give me a break - take the mirror with you buddy!!!

I love Roberto! He seems to be very genuine and Ali gets so giddy around him. Very cute.

In the previews last week they showed Ali very upset and we heard a blip of a phone call that someone had a girlfriend. Anyone want to take any guesses? My guess is Ty (the guy with the guitar) or Rated R.

Looking forward to next week...after I get back from Girls Camp.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

YES!!! The hubs totally noticed that one too! Haha!

Unknown said...

ali did look much better last night. it was definitely weird that the whole episode was so dominated by the drama that we don't know who half the guys are. my hubs wanted to punch both craigs and the weatherman. i like frank and roberto too, they seem semi normal.

Laurie said...

Definatly so glad that Craig went home! it sucked that Chris didnt get a rose, but the fact that Craig didnt either kind of made up for it! I would have kicked off weatherman too though, he's such a dork, I think he suffers from small man syndrome! I thought he was done for when he made such a fuss about putting on the speedo! Looking forward to seeing what all the drama is about on the next episodes!

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