Monday, May 24, 2010

Bachelorette Backtalk - Eppisode One

WOW...That was rough! So many of these guys are total dorks! 
Here are a few of my favorite quotes and quote summaries of the night:

Hi, I'm Jason...I can do a back flip.

Hunter: "Coming in for the hug" I gotta pee. (Um...gross!)

Kirk: "I made you a scrapbook"...with pictures my mom...what?

Did you say Macrame ...that's impressive!

Casey: My dad actually cheated on my mom..(now that's a good 1st meeting talk)
Don't remember who but still hilarious:
In regards to Hunter playing the guitar: "He tries to be like romeo but he's the nerd that never gets the girl!"

"I think Craig's here to get more hair products."

Another thing I thought was so funny was the random crap these guys give her! Here is a list of the gifts Ali got tonight:
sneaker keychain (Really...)
magic flower
fake ring
heart necklace reminiscent of best friend necklaces from elementary school...(wow!)

And my final thoughts for the night...
 To the guy who for some reason chose to speak about premature ejaculation...let's hope being voted off on the first night will keep America from remembering you! I'm not even going to post your picture!

Craig...your hair is horrid.

And lastly...This guy got a rose...seriously?

What were the highlights for you? Do you have a favorite? I 'm sad to see that Chris was no where to be found in a single scene in the preview of the season so that doesn't look good! Anyway now it's all you, comment away and lets chat about this crazy show!
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Mama Thompson said...

totally wasn't going to watch, but there was nothing else on, so I left it on the tv and watched while doing house projects. I only heard parts of the show, which is probably good because I get SO embarrassed for these guys...why can't they just be normal? I was surprised at a lot of the guys she kept...but that seems to happen every season. And Amen on Craig's hair...why did she keep him?!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

WHO KNOWS!! I mean usually there is one or two obvious producer picks but this time it's out of control!

The Dobbs Family said...

I am so glad someone else agrees.....I never remember a season with so many dorks! I was so excited to watch and then so disappointed, I am not even sure I will tune in next week! How about Shooter and his explaination of his nickname really?!??!

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember the guys name, but the funniest part for me was the guy who got out of the limo with the cowboy boots on, saying he remembered she wore them on the first show of the last season.. and she just gave him a blank stare with "I wasn't wearing cowboy boots" .. toooo awkward!

Also cannot believe she kept that justin guy after all of them warning her he wasn't there for her.. lame!

seven thirty three said...

I don't watch it, but my friend does and LOVES it! Definitely her guilty pleasure. And this season there is a guy from my little state of VT on it. ;)

Unknown said...

wowsa, that was an awkward 2 hours. seriously, shooter? did anyone else think ali looked weird? i loved her last season, she seemed so natural and fun. last night she kind of looked like vienna with (possible) bad hair extensions and way too much make up. hopefully next week will be less awkward.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Oh totally Becca, the hair extensions are definitely too much. I didn't watch last season but say clips and thought she looked way better last season too.

Breanne said...

I wasn't too impressed with the selection of guys. so far my favorite is Roberto! He is such a charmer. I totally called him getting the first impression rose. Shooter- actually seemed like he could have been a cool guy. What the helk was he thinking... on national television? c'mmon. He shot himself in the foot big time.
i didnt think ali looked her best last night either. I remember last season i thought she looked the best when her hair was pulled back.

Laurie said...

I was a little surprised by some of her choices, really not a fan of Craig, she barely even talked to him so I dont know why he'd get a rose! and yes his hair is ridiculous, I thought it was funny when one of the guys was like "that guy with the toupe". I wasnt sure Chris was going to even get a rose tonight after they cut out airing his one on one time to show the other guys going off about that stupid wrestler! anyways we'll see what happens!

oliveoyl64 said...

Oooh, ROOOOOBEEEEERTOOOOOO. Best of the bunch as far as manners and cute factor.

She should have kept Shooter,might have made for some fun.

Did Craig not make you think of Dr. McDreamy?

Is the wrestler dude our new "Wes" for this season?

When Ali walked she hunched her shoulders up like she was trying to scratch her ears or something. Not comfortable to watch.

Who the heck did she blast on in the previews for next week?

MandeeFranee said...

ok... that guy Craig with the hair, I was SOOO disappointed she actually gave him a rose. He is SO a McDreamy wanna-be!!! But not in a good way. Ew. Didn't like him. He seems way too full of himself.

Shooter... O.M.G. REALLY?!??! I could NOT believe he told her that!!! ON NATIONAL TV?!? How could he have thought for even a nano second that it would've made her keep him around. EW!

Frank... seems kinda creepy, stalker-ish... like way TOO excited and into Ali from the get go. Dude you JUST met her! CHILL!!

lol @the cowboy boots thing. That was absolutely hilarious!

I totally agree about Ali looking weird. The dress was not a great fit I think. It kept slipping off her left shoulder when she was meeting the guys at the beginning and it drove me CRAZY watching her pick it back up over and over again! and the way she held it up when she walked just looked weird. Not comfortable.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

It was the interview in his home town that turned me off. I said to the hubs, "Oh another Canadian...well never-mind he's a total loser."

I'm on the fence about "Rated R" I want to think he is sincere but wearing the shirt under and ripping it open to the show the camera...hmmm. These guys do so many stupid things is it a tactic to make her remember him or is he on the show for the wrong i said, still on the fence!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Oh and of course I like Roberto too! He's so cute and romantic, I think he's just what she needs! I am gunning for Chris H. obviously but from the sneak peek I don't think it looks good for him!

Kelly and Tadd said...

I love the Bachelorette...and Bachelor shows. I love Ali too, I think she is adorable and totally fun. Plus she is a soccer player I just found out. I was definitely hoping to see her in yellow or red or anything besides black especially because in the previews she was wearing so many awesome dresses. Maybe next week. I think she was super nervous. So...the guys are totally dorky and cute. Hopefully she likes that. There were a few that stuck out. Roberto, obviously, she fell for him instantly. Good choice i think! I like Chris H (and I know you guys are friends)...I also like Chris from Cape Cod, I thought he was cute. I thought Frank was adorable. Pretty dorky, but who doesn't like that. I think it is better than being too macho or too cool. I mean they are on the Bachelorette, what are they expecting! Anyway, I always thoroughly enjoy these seasons, and this one looks like it is going to be a good one! Lots of drama always!

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Yeah she did look slightly uncomfortable in that black dress..maybe it wasn't her first choice.

Kate said...

Stopped in from make it to wear it, had a few good laughs and am glad to be your newest follower!

Anonymous said...

haha so glad you're doing this. i love watching the bachelor/bachelorette. roberto is definitely my favorite. i think he's going to go far. i enjoy reading your thoughts, too funny! thanks for sharing :)

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